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The number 7 (SICHI in Japanese) is a key figure in Samurai philosophy and Japanese business culture, considered the “perfect number” and which appears in concepts such as the 7 Gods of good fortune, the 7 virtues of the Bushido Code or the legendary film The 7 Samurai by Akira Kurosawa. That is why HJAPÓN, the only Luxury Real Estate Agency with Samurai origin, presents its 7 most relevant exclusive reasons to choose us and that no other real estate agency in our country offers.

There are many other decisive reasons. Contact HJAPÓN or schedule a visit to our office to learn all the reasons why you should trust us over any other alternative.

1. IKIGAI Passion

HJAPÓN and its entire team are defined by the Japanese IKIGAI concept. A formula to turn your work into a passion and even devotion that generates happiness, satisfaction and even a life purpose, where nothing seems impossible.

2. TAKUMI effectiveness

At HJAPÓN we only know how to work seeking perfection and excellence like the famous Japanese artisans TAKUMI and their culture of Ganbatte effort of giving the best of oneself, never giving up and fighting until success is achieved.

3. KAIZEN Philosophy

HJAPÓN follows the Japanese KAIZEN philosophy of constant improvement at work. With regular training of our team in the latest developments in real estate sales and marketing. And the latest technological advances from our R&D division.


HJAPÓN offers an OMOTENASHI service: exquisite, complete and anticipating the client’s needs. With triple personalization of the product, service and customer. And a subtle attitude that is “felt” even if it cannot be seen or touched.


At HJAPÓN we have an expert multidisciplinary team with the Japanese NEMAWASHI philosophy that always seeks consensus and harmony or WA. A concept that prioritizes the group ahead of individualism and ensures success.

6. YOROI Marketing

HJAPÓN’s exclusive marketing and communication strategy is inspired by the powerful, flexible, agile and highly effective Samurai YOROI armor. With multimedia campaigns in the press, internet, billboards, videos, TV and our powerful networking.

7. DARUMA Success

At HJAPÓN we seek to ensure that each client fulfills their dreams and desires in the sale, purchase or rental of a luxury property with guaranteed success. As the magical Japanese amulet DARUMA promises. And, humbly, we achieved it.

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