Properties for temporary rent
in Barcelona and Maresme

In HJAPÓN we have homes for temporary rent in Barcelona, Alella and the Maresme coast for executives and VIPs.

There are many and diverse reasons why temporary rentals are often needed. Many companies occasionally need their executives and employees to travel for a certain period of time, either for training or to open or reinforce new projects. Many owners of luxury homes also need to be away from their home temporarily and find temporary rentals a good option to offer to potential clients.

In addition, temporary rentals in Barcelona are also necessary for people who need to be close to hospitals to care for family members, as well as for students pursuing international studies or a specialized master’s degree, as well as healthcare personnel and civil servants among other interest groups. .

How temporary rental works

The mid-stay contract is governed by the will of the parties, and does not require a tourist housing license.

The important thing in the temporary rental contract is the purpose with which both parties agree.

Thus, a seasonal lease can be carried out, as long as its purpose is not to satisfy the tenant’s habitual housing needs.

For example, it could be a summer rental, lasting two or three months, going on vacation to a destination that is not their usual place of residence, someone who must undergo medical treatment or a transfer for work. or academic needs.

Temporary or mid-stay rental is perfect for business travelers and students. And it is a niche that has an increasing demand.

A growing market worldwide

Every day there are more master’s students and managers who move to a city for a few months.
Also, there is a growing demand from those people whose jobs are remote, and who decide to telework from different locations.

All of these people are looking for medium-term apartments and houses, furnished and with services and supplies already registered. In addition, they seek greater comfort and a good location, issues for which they are willing to pay more.

The best consultants in the
Temporary rental of luxury properties

At HJAPÓN we have solid and extensive experience in the temporary rental of HIGH STANDING properties and also “Off Market” luxury homes. We have a wide portfolio of temporary rentals of luxury houses and apartments thanks to the trust placed in us by our high-level clients.

We have great demand from international clients such as large businessmen, celebrities and sports stars and TOP executives of international companies among others, with high purchasing power interested in renting exclusive properties.

It is increasingly common that many people choose to temporarily rent high-end homes before buying a luxury home. In this way they can experience first-hand the environment, the location and, above all, adapt to the new lifestyle. If you are the owner of exclusive homes that are in perfect condition as well as fully equipped and consider the option of making a temporary rental, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you with our specialized team.

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