Architecture and design

HJAPÓN offers its clients an innovative “Premium” service of advice on Architecture and Design for luxury homes in Barcelona and El Maresme at no added cost, called Dream Home Project thanks to our extensive experience of more than 30 years in promotion and construction. of luxury homes.

The Dream Home Project is an innovative formula that allows you to transform a current high-end home into the home you have always dreamed of. With a very controlled cost and increased the value of the property significantly.

There are many exclusive properties in Barcelona and El Maresme that meet all the requirements to be able to carry out an innovative architecture, design and rehabilitation project and achieve the “home of your dreams”.

Get to know some of the most relevant successes:

Exclusive Premium Services

HJAPÓN offers you first-class, global and personalized attention that goes far beyond simple “Real Estate Brokerage”. Our team of experts will advise and accompany you at all times. And, if you wish, we put at your disposal our Exclusive Premium Services such as Architecture and Design, Global Premium Service and Golden Visa Spain.

Global Premium Service

If you wish, HJAPÓN puts at your disposal a selection of professional experts in national and international law, financial advice, architecture or interior design, of our utmost confidence. who will take care of resolving in a global and synergistic manner all collateral or additional issues related to the sale or purchase of your property. Whatever you need.

If you want to acquire a home, land, building, hotel, commercial premises or industrial warehouse as an “Investment” that can generate significant benefits, in HJAPÓN we will advise you on the matter. Likewise, we have several international investment groups including “Family Office” interested in the acquisition of residential or commercial projects and developments in Barcelona and other areas of Spain.

Off Market

HJAPÓN has the most exclusive and exceptional properties in Barcelona and other premium locations, many of them off-market and whose current owners are high-level investors and buyers. Our EXCELLENCE selection includes everything from a mansion in modernist Barcelona, a historic property on the Costa del Maresme or an emblematic apartment or building on Paseo de Grácia, to a luxury mansion in the exclusive area of Pedralbes. If you may be interested in buying or selling any of these properties, contact us.

How to know an EXCELLENCE property. If you are interested in purchasing any of the exceptional EXCELLENCE properties in HJAPÓN. We will contact you to organize a private and confidential meeting about this. We are waiting for you.

Golden Visa

Very interesting news for foreigners not resident in the European Union.

The Law to Support Entrepreneurs, Law 14/2013, of September 27, has introduced among its provisions an important novelty that is very interesting for foreigners not resident in the European Union, such as the possibility of obtaining a residence visa in Spain. for those who choose to make certain investments, among which the investment in real estate located in Spain stands out.
Accordingly, foreigners not resident in the European Union may apply for a residence visa for investors when they purchase a property in Spain of at least €500,000.

The importance of this new measure to promote investments in Spain lies in the outstanding advantages that its holders obtain immediately and indirectly and which can be summarized in:
Streamlining of procedures: The deadlines for obtaining a residence visa in Spain are substantially simpler and faster than those existing for obtaining an ordinary visa.

No need to prove tax residence in Spain: This measure is unrelated to the need to prove, obtain or maintain tax residence in Spain, so, being able to reside in our country, it is not
It is necessary to do so for most of the calendar year, although this advantage must be highly considered if the final objective is to obtain long-term residence or Spanish citizenship.

Free movement within the European Union: Designed for foreigners not resident in the European Union, it provides the possibility that its holders can move within the limits of the European Union, showing only the document proving their investor residence visa. .

Obtaining long-term residence in Spain: The investor visa in Spain is the essential first step to obtain the residence authorization and, after the appropriate renewals, obtain long-term residence in Spain within a period of 5 years. although continuous residence must be proven throughout that period of time (certain temporary absences are allowed).

Work and professional development in Spain: perhaps the most relevant for those non-EU citizens who find Spain a good place to undertake their new activities, the investor visa makes it possible not only to reside but also to work in Spain.

Spanish citizenship: The investor residence visa does not represent an impediment to the process of obtaining Spanish citizenship, which can be requested in general after 10 years of residence in Spain (2 years for some countries with special nationality agreements), although, Among other requirements, effective residence in our country during that period of time must be proven.

In short, we are facing a magnificent opportunity for those non-EU citizens who can see Spain as a good destination for their investments, obtaining in return an important streamlining and simplification of the procedures to be able to legally reside in our country, move freely throughout the Union. European Union, develop their business or professional activity in Spain and achieve, if they wish, the possibility of obtaining Spanish nationality.

At HJAPÓN we offer you personalized advice from a highly qualified and experienced professional team that will make knowledge in this matter available to you, offering you the alternative that best suits you.

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