The Spanish-Japanese Tourism Association (SJTA) was established in December 1987 with the main objective of promoting tourism and business meetings between Spain and Japan, helping to boost the Japanese tourist flow in Spain and promote cultural and commercial relations between the two countries.

The SJTA is a non-profit organization where different people and entities from Japan and Spain collaborate in the tourism activities that take place in Spain in relation to Japan. Among other actors, the SJTA is formed by travel agencies, institutional organizations, hotels, restaurants, shops and transportation companies. Furthermore,  actors of great institutional relevance such as the Embassy of Japan in Spain, the General Consulate of Japan in Barcelona or the Spanish Office for Tourism in Tokyo collaborate in the association.

Thanks to its different collaborators, the SJTA promotes many activities to support tourist exchange between Spain and Japan, opening business opportunities in both countries and contributing inestimately to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two cultures.

Asociación Hispano Japonesa de Turismo

TEL +34 985 823 169