Born in Vic in 1932, Angel Ferrer i Casals moved to Japan in 1960 where he was a prominent figure in introducing the Spanish language and culture at several universities, and focused on the study of the Japanese language.

Professor Ferrer has an extensive academic career in many institutions, both in Spain and Japan. He is also an active member in various cultural associations such as Wa Rei Ryu, which contributes to the disseminating and awareness-building of the traditional Japanese culture, as well as the history of the first bilateral relations between Japan and Spain.

At the same time, Professor Ferrer has remained in close contact with Marcelo Japón, a Hispanic-Japanese descendant of a prominent member of the Keichô Embassy led by Hasekura Tsunenaga. Additionally, he took part in laying a wreath in Montserrat to honour both the Tenshô and Keichô Embassies.

He has also penned several notable publications focusing on the Japanese culture in Spain, along with numerous Spanish language and literature manuals in Japanese.
The enormous contribution that Professor Ferrer has had on the dissemination of the Spanish language and culture in Japanese universities was recognized in 2003 when he was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, the highest distinction presented by the Emperor of Japan