Musubikai Aikido is a non-profit cultural association located in Barcelona that promotes Japanese martial arts.

Led by Professor Joan Rubio, this association prmotes the practice and learning of “aikido“, the method of understanding the essence of life, the individual and their environment.

The goal of Musubikai Aikido is to provide a space for practicing aikido based on respect towards others and towards oneself, emphasizing these values and behaviors as a way for personal growth.

Through the practice of aikido, Musubikai Aikido teaches to harmonize hostile situations that resemble our daily life, as well as to live martial arts inside and outside the tatami.

The association acts as a bridge between the traditional Japanese culture and our modern Mediterranean one, creating an environment of mutual understanding that fits perfectly with the spirit of “Mediterranean Samurai”.

If you wish to find out more on the efforts taken by this association and its leader Joan Rubio, visit their website: