Espai Wabi Sabi was funded in 2014 by Takeshi Hirano, with the aim of transmitting and spreading his passion and knowledge of Japanese language and culture in the city of Barcelona.

The Espai Wabi Sabi team is made up of native teachers committed to the values ​​and teaching methods the school, offering Japanese lessons adapted to each student. Furthermore, the school also offers translation and interpreting services for individuals and companies, as well as demonstrations of business protocol to guarantee the success of Spanish companies interested in doing business with Japan.

The website of Espai Wabi Sabi has a blog sharing content related to the Japanese language and cultures and interesting resources for all those interested in traveling to Japan, learning its language or knowing more about its culture.

Espai Wabi Sabi is an active collaborator in the Japanese cultural life of Barcelona, ​​promoting many activities to support the cultural exchange between Barcelona and Japan and create broad community of Japanese students in the city.

Espai Wabi Sabi

TEL +34 931 538 329