BUDO YA is a company that’s focused on selling martial arts clothing as well as decorative items. This is a company that specialises in the sale of top-quality products imported from Japan. At BUDO YA, they personalize items to your needs to the smallest detail and take full control of the order tracking process.

Moreover they offer impeccable and unique advice when it comes to choosing your weapon, whether it be a katana, a laito, or a Japanese sword. One can also find special garments as well to practice the art.

This is a company that harmoniously combines Japanese style and quality with Spanish culture, thus having a large variety of stock for immediate sale.

The company itself is located in Valladolid and one can purchase their products online through their website.

If you wish to find a high-quality Japanese weapon at a good price, then BUDO YA is the first choice. No doubt, this is a company for Mediterranean Samurais.