Luxury houses for rent in Teià

Are you looking to rent a luxury apartment or house in Teià? Are you hoping to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona? Teià is a unique town in an ideal location on the Sierra de Marina and the Catalan coast that will guarantee a pleasant stay.

HJapón proudly manages a wide portfolio of sensational properties that include a variety of luxury apartments, modern houses, or gorgeous townhouses in several high-end neighbourhoods in this town.

Why should one rent a property in Teià?

Only around 20km separate the town of Teià from Barcelona, making it an ideal place to spend some time amongst nature without giving up on the amenities and bustle of the metropolis. Renting a luxury property here is the best way to wake up to the cool sea breeze and the freshness of the pine forests of the mountains, whilst enjoying the wide range of cultural, sports, and touristic offerings.

Renting a property in this town also means taking advantage of beauty and serenity, as well as being close to the heart of the vibrant lively nature of Barcelona thanks to the extensive network of public transport and highways.

How can one experience the positives of Teià through renting an upscale property?

From the moment of renting a luxury villa in Teià, begins the time to benefit from the beauty of this Catalan town. From the balcony of your high-end apartment, you can admire the shores of the Mediterranean coast taking in the coolness of the pine forests of the mountain. It is this advantage of the location; being at the centre of Maresme and next to other municipalities as Alella or Premia de Dalt.

Culture has been a key feature of Teià for many centuries; stroll through archaeological routes and experience a unique topography. Moreover, one can also enjoy a good glass of wine, as Teià, since Roman times, has been a centre for excellence in wine-production.

Lastly, after a long day on the beautiful golf courses, one can sit down and take in the culinary delights of Teià, of which include the traditional dish of native apples filled with meat.

Who should rent exclusive properties in Teià?

For those who dream of staying in an exclusive home located in a high-end neighbourhood and with a historical perspective.

For those looking for a few days away from the madness of Barcelona and disconnect amongst exquisite natural landscapes.

For those wanting to surprise their partner in a romantic and serene atmosphere overlooking the stars and seaside.

For those wanting to just get away from it all and be in a safe and peaceful environment; there is Teià.

About HJapón

We stand out for our Samurai code of honour, professionalism, work ethic, commitment and loyalty towards the client. We have 30 years experience in the real-estate sector, as well as 10 years in real-estate brokerage in Barcelona and on the coast of Maresme, and boast a presence in over 50 countries. For us at HJapón, we put the needs of our clients first, including finding you your slice of heaven in Teià.

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