Luxury houses for rent in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres

Sant Andreu de Llavaneres has a wonderful range of apartments and houses for rent. Your stay in this town in Maresme is guaranteed to result in a peaceful and relaxing vacation enjoying the sports facilities on offer, and the local cuisine, whilst being in touch with nature.

Why should one rent a property in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres?

This area offers sensational weather all-year-round, as well as incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain range; perfect for relaxation or inspiration.

Enjoy also the architectural heritage, the neighbouring towns, and the tourist sites such as the Roman aqueduct or the Middle Age castle.

Maresme also has an excellent network of public transport and well-connected highways that allow one to easily travel within the region, as well as outside it; and find themselves in Barcelona in just 30 minutes.

Our wide range of fantastic, upscale properties will guarantee an excellent stay with the utmost comfort.

What can one expect to find in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres and the surrounding areas?

Gorgeous architecture: Romantic farmhouses with flowery Gothic windows and other Gothic elements; a key style in the area

Top-quality sports facilities: In the exclusive neighbourhood of Supermaresme de Llavaneres, where we also manage upscale estates, there are many great sports facilities including golf courses, equestrian centres, a famous basketball school, and yacht club next to some of the best beaches in Maresme

Reputable educational institutions: In the district there are many renowned international trilingual schools

Culturally-interesting neighbouring villages: The dolmen de la roca d’en Toni (Vilassar de Dalt), the Iberian settle of Burriac (Cabrils), the Roman remains of Sent-Romà (Tiana), the Roman village of Can Llauder (Mataró), or the Roman aqueduct of Can Cua (Pineda de Mar) are some of the sites that should not be missed when living in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres.

Amazing gastronomy: Famous throughout Catalonia, and typical to the area are the sweet peas, the dessert known as coca de Llavaneres, or the apples stuffed with minced meat. There are also the D.O. Alella certified wines.

Who should rent exclusive properties in Alella?

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creative people who want to be away from the city and gain inspiration

Families who want to vacation in a peaceful town surrounded by nature and local villages

Lovers of the beach and mountains

Those who want a high-standard of living and luxury sports facilities

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