Rent your luxury house in Maresme

If you are looking to rent high-end developments in Maresme, then look to us as we continually aim to find the best neighbourhoods in the region that ensure top-quality comfort and luxury.

Why should one rent a property in Maresme?

Within the total of 400km² that makes up the region of Maresme, there are some of the most beautiful natural sights in Catalonia; mountains and the seaside, as well as the tourist trails that lead to Middle Age castles, roman aqueducts, and unparalleled promenades.

One can also easily travel to other regions, such as those in Barcelona, easily from Maresme.

In which area of Maresme should one rent a luxury property?

We can divide our recommendations between the two districts that make up Maresme:

Uptown Maresme: Arenys de Mar, Arenys de Munt, Canet de Mar, Sant Pol de Mar, Calella, Pineda de Mar, Malgrat de Mar. Take advantage of the highly relaxed and comfortable life that these neighbourhoods provide, including the charming walks and stays at the beach or mountainside. Moreover, one can also walk through and gaze at the Roman aqueducts in Pineda de Mar, as well as the promenade and lighthouse in Calella.

Downtown Maresme: Montgat, Tiana, Masnou, Premià de Dalt, Premià de Mar, Vilassar de Dalt, Cabrils, Cabrera de Mar, Argentona, Mataró, Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, Sant Vicenç de Montalt, Caldes d’Estrac, Alella, Sant Pol de Mar y Teià. From here, one can directly travel to Barcelona, or alternatively, stay in the area and enjoy the lively seaside environment along with the many tourists and residents alike. One should not miss out on the D.O. Alella certified wines, the exquisite beaches of Masnou at sunset, or the Burriac Castle in Cabrera de Mar.

Who should rent exclusive properties in Maresme?

Those who love calm, natural landscapes, who want to experience the best beaches in Maresme and enjoy the pleasant temperatures, and discover the cultural sights of the area. Maresme is also perfect for families who want to live peacefully away from the busy city, and for young couples who are interested in the history and nature of the region.

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