Cabrils, a luxury place to rent your house

Not everyone likes to be near the beach or on the seafront, or amongst the hustle and bustle of the big city. It is for this reason that our real-estate agency has a wide range of houses in the city of Cabrils, located on the coast of Maresme and close to Barcelona.

However, one is not interested in buying a luxury property but wants to still live in one? No problem as at HJapón you can rent your dream home for a specific amount a month without being tied down to the same property.

In the peaceful city of Cabrils, there are many exclusive homes, modern houses, and sensational apartments that are guaranteed to suit your needs.

Why should one rent a property in Cabrils?

Cabrils is a residential city that is perfect as it is close to the beach and Barcelona but within the mountain range, making it a serene haven that seafront neighbourhoods or those in the city cannot experience.

Its geographical location, surrounded by magical forests, yet close to the seaside, renders it a perfect place to settle down and achieve perfect equilibrium between work and family.

This town has been established as a great location for residential life due to its high standard of living; third highest in Catalonia and eight-highest in Spain.

HJapón has a wide portfolio of high-end properties for rent; same luxury and exclusivity but without the need to buy them.

What can one expect to find in Cabrils and the surrounding areas?

As mentioned before, Cabrils is a small town located close to the beaches and coastline of Maresme, as well as proximate to all manner of services and activities that augment the quality of living for its residents.

Education: In the neighbouring town of Alella, there are many reputable private schools and colleges that are guaranteed to give your children the best education.

Transport: Cabrils has an extensive network of public transport, including buses and trains to Barcelona

Culture and Food: Both in the town and in the surrounding municipalities, there is a wide range in food and cultural offerings.

Some of these include chapels or farmhouses converted into restaurants that are perfect for families

Additionally, towns like Alella or Vilassar offer gorgeous hiking trails that can be enjoyed in the evenings by families, as well as romantic walks for lovers

D.O. Certification: Alella is the leading wine-producing area in Catalonia that is honoured to have received a D.O. certificate, and as such, the vineyards and wines are considered some of the most exquisite in the region.

Who should rent exclusive properties in Cabrils?

Families, couples, newly-weds, and any others who want to be slightly far away from downtown Barcelona, but still near enough to have the amenities and offerings of the big city.

It is for these reasons that Cabrils is an ideal location for your dream home that will be one of the most valuable assets, and one which you will treasure forever.

More about HJapón

HJapón stems from the ancient legend of the Samurais in Coria del Rio (Sevilla) who based their values on honour, commitment, and loyalty.

Remaining true to our foundations, we have cultivated 30 years experience in the real-estate sector and boast a presence in over 50 countries as testament to our professionalism.

We invest heavily in every single one of our clients and provide them with the best options, so as far as luxury homes are concerned; we aim to cover all necessities and wishes.

Are you looking for a house or apartment on the coast of Maresme but cannot decide on one city? Consult our wide catalogue and we will show you the best properties that Cabrils and the surrounding towns have to offer.

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