Luxury Houses for rent in Alella

Alella is one of the best places in which to rent luxury houses and apartments if you wish to have a great life in Catalonia, and specifically, in Maresme. Thanks to the peace and security brought by the gorgeous landscapes; the seaside and the mountains, one is guaranteed an excellent stay.

Why should one rent a property in Alella?

For its pleasant climate, both in the winter and summer

To have easy and reliable access to some of the best regions in Maresme, such as Pineda de Mar, Cabrils, or Sant Andreu de Llavaneras, as well as Barcelona

To fully appreciate the amazing wine and food scene

Because one can truly relax and find the peace and serenity they deserve on holiday

What can one expect to find in Alella and the surrounding areas?

Gastronomy: In the wine bars of Alella, there are many wine tastings for tourists, as well as workshops for the organic products grown in the area

Seaside and mountains: Although Alella is a mountainous region, there are 2km of beaches

Natural landscapes: The chance to be close to nature and escape the stress of everyday life

Excellent transport: Well-connected highways and reliable public transport guarantees easy travel to neighbouring areas

Culture: The wine bars of Alella, with its fantastic wines; the Burriac Castle in Cabrera de Mar, or the Roman aqueduct in Pineda de Mar; some of the sites to marvel when living in Alella.

Who should rent exclusive properties in Alella?

Those who want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the big city

Those who want to enjoy the seaside and the mountains

Those who appreciate good wine and food

And for families who want their children to get in touch with nature and local culture

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