Are you looking for a luxury home in Pedralbes, Sarrià y Sant Gervasi? At HJapón we have a wide portfolio of exquisite properties in the area with all manner of amenities nearby, and sensational views.

Modern homes, duplex apartments, townhouse and semi-detached homes…we have all that you are looking for in uptown Barcelona.

Why should one invest in an upscale home in Pedralbes, Sarrià or Sant Gervasi?

Located away from the centre, the areas of Pedralbes, Sarrià and Sant Gervasi allows one to enjoy the services and splendour of the city, with the possibility of living away from the hustle and bustle, in a more quiet and peaceful surrounding.

Invest in a property here and discover the two faces of Barcelona; one which is more lively and fast-paced, and the other more chilled and relaxed.

What can one find here in Pedralbes, Sarrià y Sant Gervasi?

We have here impressive mansions, houses, and luxury apartments with all manner of services nearby as this is considered done of the best residential neighbourhoods.

There are many reputable schools, as well as restaurants and health services in the area.

Lastly, retiring away to the outskirts of the city allows residents to enjoy splendid views both in the day and night.

Who should invest in a high-end home here?

Those who want to want to live in a luxury property and be surrounded by the finest services; from health facilities to schools, one can find all just a few minutes from the city centre.

These areas are also ideal who families or young couples who want to work in the city and properly enjoy their time off away from the crazy hustle and bustle.


With more than 30 years of experience in real-estate brokerage, and with presence in more than 50 countries to build up our knowledge. If you wish to purchase a luxury estate in Pedralbes, Sarrià or Sant Gervasi, we will endeavour to find you your dream home.

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