Are you looking to purchase a luxury home in Paseo de Gracia and Eixample? These are the perfect locations for primary residences or second homes if you want to enjoy the city of Barcelona to the maximum, where the atmosphere is authentic, and the architecture does not cease to amaze.

At HJapón we have several amazing duplex apartments, modern homes, semi-detached houses, and luxury apartments, at your disposal.

Why should one invest in a luxury home in Paseo de Gracia or Eixample?

Paseo de Gracia and Eixample offer many benefits; to live in the centre of the city, have an abundance of services such as restaurants, schools, leisure, touristic…the amenities here just make life all that more comfortable. There are also several emblematic sights in this area.

What can one find here in Paseo de Gracia and Eixample?


Who should think about investing in a luxury home in Paseo de Gracia or Eixample?

Those who want to live in the most cosmopolitan area of Barcelona, and enjoy the splendour and vibrant atmosphere. Also perfect for families who love culture and want to bring up their children surrounded by all manner of amenities. Lastly for couples who want to enjoy the nightlife Barcelona has to offer.



With more than 30 years of experience in real-estate brokerage, and with presence in more than 50 countries to build up our knowledge. If you wish to purchase a luxury estate in Paseo de Gracia or Eixample, we will endeavour to find you your dream home.

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