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HJAPÓN was born in 2010 after the beginning of the very harsh and famous global real estate crisis of 2008.


With extensive and extensive experience in the construction and promotion of luxury properties, as well as a deep knowledge of the high-end real estate market for more than 25 years.

Our devotion to exquisite customer service along with our Japanese philosophy, the fruit of our history, has led us to become the leading luxury Real Estate Agency in the Maresme (North Coast of Barcelona), based in Alella. Our unique concept of “Luxury Real Estate Boutique” has allowed us to mediate with great success in numerous sales and rental operations throughout these years on the coast of Barcelona and Barcelona city.

HJAPÓN is the first luxury Real Estate Agency in Europe with an origin, philosophy and values ​​of the legendary Samurai and the principles of Japanese business culture. This fusion translates into our vocation for a series of Samurai philosophical concepts such as “honor”, ​​respect, discretion, ethics, commitment and loyalty.

We implement a series of essential values ​​in
our customer service, objectives and methodology:

  • Omotenashi: Exquisite customer service.
    Kaizen: Constant improvement in our work.
    Ikigai: Passion and devotion for our work.
    Daruma: Dreams and success guaranteed.


The origin of a unique business philosophy.


In 1613, a galleon sent and financed by the powerful Samurai feudal lord DATE MASAMUNE under the command of Hasekura Tsunenaga left Japan for Europe. It was the Keicho Embassy, ​​made up of Japanese merchants and Samurai warriors with the aim of establishing relations

The first great meeting between Japanese and Western culture.

At the end of 1614 the galleon arrived in Spain and landed in the port of Seville. After three years of negotiations in Seville, Madrid, Barcelona and Rome, the embassy failed to sign an agreement with King Philip III, but it left a deep mark. The majority of the Samurai decided not to return to their country and settle in Coria del Río (Seville), giving rise to the surname: “JAPÓN”.

In 2010, Marcelo Japón, with more than 25 years of experience in the real estate sector and a true expert in the sale of luxury properties, decided to create a new concept of an exclusive real estate agency in Alella that would finally make this dream come true: HJAPÓN.

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