The 5 finest luxury properties in Barcelona

When one comments on the 5 best luxury houses in Barcelona, everyone comes to neighborhoods like Pedralbes, Sarria and Sant Gervasi. Nevertheless, we also manage fantastic and incredible luxury properties in other areas of the city, all with sensational features not found in any other location.

At HJAPÓN, we manage upscale mansions in the uptown Barcelona located in Pedralbes, Sarrià and San Gervasi . These luxury properties have asking prices over the € 50 Million. Without a doubt these mansions are the  highest-priced residential properties in the city of Barcelona. These  incredible homes are privately managed and interested buyers put forward their application by presenting credentials with guarantors, thus in this way we assure the Owner the real interest of a potential buyer. As for the profile of the buyer for this level of Super Luxury Houses, they boast a corporate or an aristocratic profile with large funds at an international level. Potential buyer of these luxury assets already possess knowledge on what to expect from this type property including the best works of art, jewelry collections, top vehicles and the exquisite detail in decoration and design.

One luxury estate that we believe deserves a special shout-out is a stunning property for sale in Pedralbes that is currently priced at € 15,000,000. This is a contemporary-designed home that boasts a well-maintained beautiful garden of 3000m².

Another fantastic upscale property in Barcelona is a sublime mansion built in the early-20th century that has unique stand-out designs. It is located in a great area that takes advantage of all that this city has to offer, including unbelievable views of the whole metropolis. Its price comes in slightly lower than the others at 8 million euros.


In this way we have presented what are undoubtedly the best luxury homes for sale in Barcelona. If you wish to obtain more information about any of them, please contact us. It would be an honor to serve you.

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