In the first half of 2014 in HJAPÓN have had a significant increase of sales of luxury homes on the coast of the Maresme and design and high quality apartments in Barcelona city. The international presence of HJAPÓN is increasingly important as our advertising campaigns and collaborations with different media such as television and the press among others.

The majority of our clients interested in buying luxury homes in Barcelona, they have been international clients from different countries such as Iceland, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Netherlands and including important international sportspeople in the world of the motor, the football and basketball. We have also noticed much interest in international clients encouraged by the new law of the residence permit in Spain, which has resulted in a strong increase of potential clients from countries non-EU such as Russia, China and United Arab Emirates, as well as some African and South American countries.

The main demand for luxury Villas in Barcelona, it focused on the coast of the Maresme with an increase of sales transactions in the villages of Alella in the urbanisations of Can Teixidó, Mas Coll, Novalella, Comafosca and Alella Park, another important village has been Cabrils and the area of Llavaneres in housing estates such as Supermaresme and Rocaferrera. In addition we have also had much interest from our clients in the areas of Premià de Dalt and Teià among others.

In HJAPÓN, note also the increase of potential clients to the city of Barcelona, closing sales of luxury apartments in different areas as well as High Area, Eixampleand Diagonal Mar. Another area to highlight has been Badalona, with the maritime front and Mas Ram its most important residential area in villas and land for building design houses.

Our advertising campaigns have had an important collaborations in different television channels as the popular tv show butterfly net of telecinco, Btv, Cuatro, etc. Also in national and international press, as well as participation in important events like the Gran Gala of Mundo Deportivo 2014 giving the award to the collective effort, we have signed major international advertising companies with agreements and have increased visibility through billboards in Maresme, and through catalogs of presentation, on the other hand we are more visible on social networks and in the next six months we will increase even more our presence through the new and newly renovated website.

At HJAPÓN, we know how important that is the value of selling your property and therefore the client is increasingly important in our company. We have increased our presence at the international level, the luxury homes we manage are visible in more than 50 countries reaching all continents. We have important commercial agreements at international level with strategically connected companies, they trust on the professionalism of the team of HJAPÓN and they share our values.

We are currently engaged in very important projects which undoubtedly generate higher sales and that translates into the satisfaction of clients who trust on our brand when choosing a company of brokerage of luxury houses in Spain.