When we are looking for a villa, one of the things that help us make a decision is its plans. With the photos we can see the rooms, but only through the plan we can understand its distribution. Having these, can facilitate the choice of your new home, so below we offer a list with the type of luxury home plans that you can find.

1 Plans of villas with two floors

In this type of map we usually see on the main floor a bathroom or toilet (or both), the kitchen, the living room and the hall. In some cases other rooms are also included such as a study, the laundry room and a pantry.

Sometimes we also find secondary suites with their corresponding bathroom. In the most modern houses we find open spaces, which give a greater sensation of spaciousness.

The most common thing is that these villas include only one upper floor with the suites, but we can find them with more than one floor. The main suite always includes a bathroom and a dressing room, the rest depends on each case. The number of rooms is undefined, but usually there are no less than three.



The basement here takes on another dimension, they can incorporate recreation rooms, cinemas, gyms, cellars and even saunas. Sometimes the storage room, pantry and laundry room are also in this area. 

The garage can be attached on the ground floor or basement. In fact, most luxury houses do not usually include it inside the house, but in attached structures or under the garden. 

2 Luxury home plans, “all on one floor”

This type of house is usually shaped like a horseshoe, semicircular or “L”, although there are all kinds. They are ideal for older people or people with mobility problems who do not want to climb stairs or depend on a lift.


They are usually divided into three zones. One end usually serves as the upper floor and includes the suites, with their bathrooms and dressing rooms. In the central axis, or on the side facing the garden, we find what would be the ground floor with kitchen, dining room, toilet and pantry. At the other end we have the recreation areas, the laundry room, … This last area can be annexed in another small building, next to the garage.

3 Plans of villas where the garden is the central axis

These villas are built around the garden, usually in the same shape as the previous point, with porches surrounding them completely and sometimes with the pool right in the middle. 


Generally, in most luxury houses you will find spa, relaxation or outdoor dining areas. In some we find the typical tennis courts, in some also of soccer or basketball, heated swimming pools, solariums, playgrounds… But in none can lack a swimming pool and a good barbecue.

4 Luxury home plans where the views are the best thing

This type of villa usually has only one side with windows, taking full advantage of the views that the place offers. Most of them have a modern design with overflowing pools.


Many accompany the upper floors with large terraces where you can go out and enjoy the views and incorporate chill out and relaxation areas. The light that enters these homes makes them warm and welcoming.

As you can see, there are luxury home plans for all tastes and preferences. You only have to look at our extensive catalogue to find yours. We assure you that in it you will find the villa of your dreams. What are you waiting for to check it out?