Luxury country estates to escape routine

When the weekend or our long-awaited vacation arrives, what we really want to do is get away from the maddening crowd. The clean and pure air, the tranquillity, and the countryside offers the perfect refuge. Some enjoy this lifestyle so much that they wish to acquire their own luxury rural property to enjoy.


Benefits of living in the countryside

1. Leave the frivolities behind

Waking up accompanied by birdsong, to smell the pure, fresh mountain air, and drinking your morning coffee & reading the newspaper under the shade of a tree whilst enjoying breath-taking views are some of the gifts that the countryside gives us.

One thing that takes us by surprise but brings us a sense of calm is the spectacular light show that goes on in the clear skies at night – the city sky is never so starry. These are some of the little things that make us realise what is important in life & allows us to put things into perspective.

2. Enjoy the good food

Generally, luxury cottages, as well as farmhouses, have a space to cultivate your own food. The flavour of seasonal (and homegrown) fruits and vegetables is much more intense than the ones found in the supermarket.

Moreover, one can have their own chicken coop to harvest organic eggs, have a dairy cow, and can also have their own stable to raise horses and go riding around the countryside.

3. Help the planet

When pollution is continuously on the increase, there is nothing more ecological than life in the countryside, leaving unnecessary industrial purchases behind & having the car left parked aside for longer. It’s easier as well to use solar and photovoltaic plates & wells for irrigation.

What do luxury rural estates offer us?

The warmth of the stone

A farmhouse or a cottage offers a feeling of warmth that no concrete house can give. The stone gives warmth in winter, resisting snow and rain, whilst in the summer it provides freshness, ideal for all luxury country estates.


The rustic touch

This style of decoration and architecture brings a sense of home and belonging that none other. The use of wood not only offers a feeling of warmth, but also of peace and tranquillity. The benefit of this style is its resistance and that it’s always in fashion, it will always be.

The peace of the outdoors

The garden of a country estate cannot be compared to that of a city mansion, just of the nature in itself – rolling landscapes, wide open green spaces, and the peace and tranquillity of the outdoors allows for perfect relaxation.

As demonstrated, luxury country estates are the perfect place in which to disconnect on your free days. At HJAPON we offer luxury real estate in Barcelona, Alella, and other cities in Maresme that guarantee an excellent quality of living for its owners. Don’t miss out on taking a look at our website to see what we have on offer.

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