Presentation and grand reception of the “Mediterranean Samurais” video


On 14th September, through our YouTube channel, we successfully launched our promotional video that demonstrated our “Mediterranean Samurai” team. We saw a grand reception in our social media accounts (twitter, facebook, google+), and has been shared across the world, creating great emotion for our loved ones and clients at HJAPÓN.

Although we have several decades of experience in exclusive real-estate brokerage, we have wanted to present this video in a more futuristic-light without forgetting our roots. We also shared this video through various social media networks, as well as at our stand at the Barcelona Boat Show in October.

evento HJAPÓN agencia inmobiliaria



Producing this video was hard work but it resulted in something that we were more than proud of. We created a transparent, eloquent and true image of our company and values that we hold true.

Our creative director managed to capture, from the outset, how we wanted to recount our story, merging it with authentic values that we have inherited from the Japanese culture; demonstrating all of this in an excellent, stunning video. This was accompanied by gorgeous imagery and sublime narration that lasted less than 3 minutes but will surely be remembered for a long time.

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Samurai mediterraneo


The video represents a true account of our hard work…


In the first part of the video, we wanted to pay homage to our ancestors; those brave Japanese Samurais who came to Spain in the “San Juan Bautista”; a galleon commanded by Hasekura Tsunenaga. These brave warriors settled in the beautiful village of Coria del Rio. We are largely a result of who and what they were, we share DNA, and if they did not embark on such a journey, perhaps our real-estate company would not have existed. This is why we honour them, and are grateful to them, recognising their values of honour, respect, and loyalty, and take great pride in holding these true through our business as we seek excellence.

Inmobiliaria exclusiva costa maresme

Video promocional Inmobiliaria HJAPÓN

In the second part of the video, the story covers one of their descendents, who has more than 20 years experience in this sector, and who decided to create this new concept in real-estate brokerage; thus making a 400-year old dream a reality.

In the third part, we demonstrate out exquisite attention to our clients, taking care of every last detail, where reliability is paramount, as well as respect, ethicality, discretion, transparency, commitment and total loyalty.

Lastly, the video shows our exclusive properties in the city of Barcelona, on the coast of Maresme, and in other high-end neighbourhoods in Spain. This demonstrates the wide range of spectacular villas, apartments, mansions with swimming pools, and magnificent building plots that we manage.



Above all, HJAPÓN is a real-estate agency that asserts one to:

Trust in our “Mediterranean Samurais”. It would be a great honour to serve you.



HJAPÓN would like to firstly thank all those who collaborated and participated in the production of this promotional video, and all those who have shown their enthusiasm through social media.

It is vital to highlight the importance of Michael Dozie, for his contribution and enthusiasm in the English version. He is a close friend of HJAPÓN’s founder, and through their several years of friendship, they have shared this fantastic philosophy together. Michael is a perfect example of what we stand for, and we have enjoyed learning about several of his precious memories.

We would also like to thank our clients and loved ones who have shown us great support.

What did you think of our “Mediterranean Samurais” video?

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