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With the intention of giving a new style to our online presence, as well as improving the experience for our clients, we chose to renovate our website at HJAPÓN, with the aim of keeping up with new trends. This is a new, transparent, dynamic and accessible website that can be accessed through any device.

One of the more innovative aspects of the new website is the improved property search tool, which has incorporated more filters so that the client can easily and quickly find exactly the estates that fit all of their specifications. There is also the added option of searching directly by location.

As an added value, the search tool provides the user with updated, real-time results with all manner of detail about the house, and an extensive gallery of photos of the property or building plot.

Moreover, as the user enters the website: https://hjapon.com , they can see a wide selection of our promotional properties that are updated regularly to demonstrate what the real-estate market is trending.

On the other hand, in order to improve the relationship and interaction between us and our clients, we have designed a more simple contact form so that they can communicate directly with our office. In this manner, we wanted to ensure that we continuously pay attention to our clients and offer them support at every step of the way.





Ready for the future? Welcome to HJAPÓN’s new website; a showcase of the best and most exclusive properties for purchase or rent, as well as a wide range of advisory and consultancy services.

What matters most for us are our clients, and it is for this reason that we accompany them at every step, opening the doors to opportunities that lead you to enjoy your new home or celebrate selling your property easily.

HJAPÓN launches their new intuitive and dynamic website.

An elegant design that’s based on corporate and professional colours that guarantees the user a more simple and accessible website where they can find all our most exclusive estates. The website also has exclusive content on our agency, audiovisual materials, and all manner of advisory services. Come in and make yourself at home, let us serve you.

Leave us your comments! Do you like our new website? Are you thinking of purchasing or selling a property in Spain? Do you want to see your ad here?

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