New collaboration of HJAPÓN luxury real estate in Barcelona with channel four.

New collaboration from HJAPÓN, luxury real estate in Barcelona, Spain, for the fashion channel in the world of the famous and artists as is DIVINITY, of Telecinco Group.

This time we show the house of an international DJ with international reputation.  This design property is located in the Maresme Coast, at only 15 minutes fromGracie Passage in the capital of Barcelona.

In this program the butterflies net speak and dedicate to the socialites, how is Paris Hilton. Also they make an interview to the designer Vicky Martín Berrocal and present the launch of the new album of the singers M-Clan. The star program of DIVINITY is characterized by having the present live from the famous people.

In HJAPÓN, luxury real estate in the Maresme Coast, we have always relation with famous people having the more absolutely and discretion privacy. The collaborations which we do in TV, in HJAPÓN of Barcelona are previously confirmed with the owners of the luxury properties which are for rent or sell,  and we never reveal the name of the owners unless they say to us the opposite and by a written authorization. This time they also speak of famous people which have been in the front page of the Rolling Stone magazine.

In HJAPÓN luxury real estate in Alella, we dispose of the best properties of the Coast of Barcelona, in areas of absolutely privacy  with private security the 24 hours and difficult entrance.

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