The Luxury real estate agency HJAPÓN in Barcelona collaborates with the DIVINITY TV channel.

Cooperation of HJAPÓN, luxury real estate agency HJAPÓN in Spain, with the TV channel DIVINITY in a luxury house in  Barcelona Coast, in the village of Alella, in the Maresme Coast.

The program CAZAMARIPOSAS of the channel DIVINITY talk about the most important events regarding fashion, cinema and sports. It gives an overview on the VIP news as well as the national and international celebrities. The news usually appear in magazines such as Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan or Glamour among others. They show the footballers, singers, models and artists’ lives. Luxury real estate agency HJAPÓN in Barcelona cooperates with this TV program, and presents a luxury home in Alella with a beautiful sea view and an infinity pool.

This luxury villa to rent is interesting for VIP clients and it is a good opportunity to rent it for a short term period and for living close to the sea and to the Barcelona center. 

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