Living in the capital of the Maresme: Mataró

Mataró is the capital and the largest city of the Maresme. It is a coastal town 30 km north of Barcelona. Its geographical location, between the sea and the Sierra Litoral, provides perfect soft and pleasant climatic conditions to live and enjoy the city and its surroundings.

Its origin in Roman times has provided a valuable architectural heritage as the Roman villa of Torre Llauder, at the end of the 1st century BC and the latest constructions found in the historic centre. Parts of the old wall built between 1519 and 1600 are also preserved.

The arrival of the industrial revolution in the city as a center of economic activity that has lasted until today was posted. From the industrial era, Mataró has inherited colonial, modernist and architectural buildings. They are the buildings of the architect born in Mataró Josep Puig i Cadafalch, one of the leading representatives of Catalan modernist.

Surround your wine tradition of beautiful countryside of vineyards giving a beautiful Mediterranean image together with the proximity of the sea.

Culture, tradition, industrial and commercial development. The sea opens to Mataró to colonize it. Consists of sea port as fishing with more than one thousand moorings. Saw that comes to safekeeping offers a perfect environment to carry out numerous outdoor activities where free. Its rich and varied cuisine allows us to enjoy traditional dishes and innovation. Highlights the typical dish: cuttlefish with peas. It is well connected with its environment, both by public transport and private transport. All this makes a cosmopolitan population of Mataró, alive and active but at the same time quiet.

Mataró is a city with a great quality of life. The services offered, its greenery, its privileged location and the large number of activities offered make the city an interesting site to visit or an ideal place to live.

The City Council of Mataró
C/ La Riera, 48.
Tel.: 93 758 21 00
Web Page of The City Council of Mataró
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Sea Port Mataró
Paseo del Callao s/n · 08301 Mataró
Tel.:93 755 09 61
Web Page of Sea Port Mataró

 Club de Golf Llavaneres
Club de Golf Llavaneras, founded in 1945 and located 34 km from the Centre of Barcelona, is a familiar character Club, whose priority is to achieve excellence in the services it offers and partner and the visitors attention.
 Web Page of Club de golf Llavaneres
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Mataró Parc Shopping Centre
08304 Mataró, Barcelona
Tel.: 93 798 82 98
Web Page Mataró Parc
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Italià Gourmet
Delicatessen and gourmet food shop.
c/ Santa Maria, 1
Tel.: 937 96 18 68
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Restaurant Sangiovese
Restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine, market and quality. Tradition and innovation mix on Pepi Sanchez dishes, chef of the restaurant
Web Page Sangiovese
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La Marineta
Mediterranean cuisine. Innovative local produce and proximity tapas.
Web Page La Marineta
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Las terrazas del Maresme
The menu ranges from Argentine style barbecue to a touch of Mediterranean and creative food. Its terraces give a panoramic view to the sea.
Fanpage Facebook Las Terrazas del Maresme

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