“Las Huellas del Samurai en Catalunya”


HAPÓN presents “Las Huellas del Samurai en Catalunya”, an event aimed at promoting the history of the Keicho mission led by Samurai Hasekura Tsunenaga and his time in the Catalonia region. The event will take place on Friday 30 November at 18:30h at the Teatro Principal de Badalona, and will be hosted by the renowned journalist Cristina Cubero.

  • Japanese “taiko” drums demonstration and display of historical documents on the Keicho mission, including the presentation of a Spanish army helmet transformed into a “kabuto” helmet by the Japanese in the 16th and 17th
  • “Ken jutsu-budo” exhibition performed by senseis Francisco Royo and Joan Rubio, founders of Wa Rei Ryu and Musubi Aikido Associations, respectively.
  • Screening of “Las Huellas del Samurai”, a documentary movie that recounts the history of the Keicho mission and looks into the legacy it left in the town of Coria del Río.
  • Short talk on the Keicho mission in Catalonia and presentation of the “Mediterranean Samurai 2019” project aimed at Japanese and Catalan companies with mutual interests covering the following points:
    • Mediterranean-Japanese cuisine fusion
    • Economics, Business & Networking
    • “Samurai” Entrepreneurship & Start-Up’s
    • Art & Culture: “From Gaudi to Manga”
    • 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Spanish “samurai” athletes


150th Anniversary of Japan-Spain Diplomatic Relations

This act is part of the official program of events conducted by the Japanese Embassy in Spain on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of Japan-Spain Diplomatic Relations. Mutual relations between these two countries began in 1868, when the Spanish-Japanese Treaty of Commerce, Navigation and Amity was signed in Kanagawa.

If you wish to request an invitation to attend “Las Huellas del Samurai en Catalunya”, please send an e-mail to info@hjapon.com before 15 November (limited invitations).

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