Investing in real-estate is the most profitable option for 2017


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The purchase of housing is the best investment option and is the most profitable in the face of economic doubt, including the payment of taxes.

Renting any type of property (apartment, local business space, office) is one of the most profitable and stable options at the moment.

Depending on the ownership model, profitability ranges from 6% to 9%, well above other banking and investment products.

 This is the latest report by BNP Paribas, which suggests taking refuge in the face of rising inflation by resorting to real estate assets.

These types of investments serve as assurancein the face of market volatility and inflation. Likewise, the assets of most real estate markets are linked to inflation with a direct impact on rental income.

Apartment to invest in high zone Barcelona

Brand new apartment in Barcelona


Buying a home and then putting it for rent is one of the most popular investments at the moment, although many small savers fear for their tax burden.Nothing could be further from the truth; if you have good professional advice like the one given by HJAPÓN. Once clarified, there is evidence of great benefit of real estate investment.

Vivienda de obra nueva en venta_ Barcelona

Piso nuevo junto a La sagrada familia


.Payment of taxes, levies and fees often leads to confusion. Issue is that you should not always pay them, it falls upon the owner of the propertythat is up for rent.

The payment of the Tax of Patrimonial Transmissions … As an onerous activity, the rent of a house is handed over to ITP. Although many Autonomous Communities forget their payment.

This ispaid in a single term, after the contract has been signed, excluding professionals and companies.Deduction of the IRPF, when renting a property, must be stated by then owner when submitting the income tax return. However, if the house is not occupied during the whole year, only the specific period in which the house is rented will be deducted. Moreover, no expenses are deductible if the property is not rented out.

The tourist fees for the rental of a holiday home are based on each autonomous community. At present, it is applied only by the Generalitat de Catalunya.For more information about the taxes payable by the owner of a rental property, please read further via this link of El Economista: LA VIVIENDA COMO INVERSION EN BARCELONA


According to reports of several real estate portals including ‘Idealista’, Barcelona is the city with the highest investments, since almost 40% of the homes that are sold there go to being rented out. This means that 60% of the buyers buy a property to use it as their own residence.

Housing for investment in Barcelona

Brand new flat in L’Eixample Barcelona

Moreover, the price of leases is growing exponentially in large capitals. Last summer,renting an apartment in Barcelona was 14% more expensive than the previous year.

In Barcelona, the gross profitability of buying a house to rent it (excluding capital gains) is 5.5%. The districts that arouse the highest interest in the capital of Catalonia are Eixample, Ciutat Vella and the Paseo and Barrio de Gracia that reach up to 5%.

Buying a residence (apartment, family home) becomes one of the most important investment decisions. If you are interested in buying a sensational property to rent or use as your residence, do not hesitate to contact our team of “Mediterranean Samurais” who are on hand to advise you at every step of the way.

Apartment with sea views in Teia_Maresme

Flat for sale in Teiá 15 minutes from Barcelona


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