Investing in properties in Barcelona; a key to success

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Purchasing a property is a sure way to success.

There are many reasons for investing in a property in Barcelona. Firstly the estates in Catalonia’s capital are still between 25-40% below its value, and thus there exists the possibility of obtaining financing with very low interest rates. Additionally, buying a home in the heart of Barcelona is guaranteed to appreciate over time.

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Additionally, there is a wide selection of properties on sale. “Those investing in real estate today have the chance to pick their perfect property.” There are all manner of homes on sale today, with a price tag below that of the market average, in some of the best areas in Barcelona and which are affordable. Finding a property that ticks all the boxes is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of investing in real estate at this moment.



At our exclusive real-estate agency of HJAPÓN, we know how to make this search more comfortable and easy as we manage a wide portfolio of exquisite properties (designer apartments, duplex apartments with gorgeous views, houses with swimming pools and large gardens). On our website you can find a large selection of high-end properties in some of the most exclusive and renowned residential neighbourhoods (Pedralbes, Zona Alta, Eixample, Paseo de Gracia, Diagonal Mar, Born) in Barcelona. All of these properties offer a high standard of living with being proximate to all manner of services, reliable public transport facilities, and excellent highway connections.

The property market in Barcelona is experiencing a really good year. Most of the luxury properties are being bought by international investors, which is part of the bigger picture as there has been an increase in the number of Catalonian and foreign buyers who are beginning to recognise the sensational living conditions. This significant price adjustment represents, for all real-estate experts, considerable reason to buy a house in Barcelona.

Why just settle for visiting Barcelona?
Who has not dreamt of living in a beautiful city by the seaside?
Why not make your dreams a reality, and invest in an exquisite luxury property (penthouse, apartment, designer house, duplex or mansion)! Experience the true luxury of living in Barcelona.

Investing in Barcelona today is a smart decision and one that is sure to lead to success.




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