In its ‘Ocio’ section, Mundo Deportivo have published an article on smart homes, managed by HJAPÓN, in Barcelona

Smart homes, or home automation, contribute greatly towards the improvement of the environment

A great way to be environmentally-friendly is to implement home automation technology. This type of technology allows us to make considerable energy savings through the monitoring and automation of the key elements in homes. Through this technology, we can control the lightings, blinds, air conditioning, security, fire and smoke detectors, as well as awnings and curtains. Moreover, control and management of water consumption in automatic irrigation systems and swimming pools is an important contribution towards the improvement and respect for the environment.

At HJAPÓN, we manage the sale of magnificent properties with such home automation technology. There are different classifications of this technology, which we use when it comes to installing various amenities, depending on the need of the client. We are seeing an increase in the number of homeowners who want to make significant savings in their energy consumption, and as far as possible, they will implement such home automation technologies. Moreover, it is essential nowadays to have such technologies when embarking upon renovations to an existing property, or when building a new house.

Here is one of the fabulous smart homes that we manage at HJAPÓN. In this video, made by Barcelona Televisió Btv, you will see the performance of such home automation technology in a spectacular estate in Alella, which is located only a few minutes away from Barcelona. This upscale home has an advanced home automation technology system that can be controlled by mobile phone!

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