HJAPON takes stock of 2016 and outlines its challenges for 2017


The year 2016 is about to end, and as at the end of every year, we look back and count down the greatest moments that we have had, whilst getting ready for the challenges to face and the successes to achieve in 2017. We have attained a positive balance in the previous year, our challenge now is to do even better.

Saying this however, we would not have achieved a third of the success that we gained if it were not for our amazing clients, friends, promotors, and relatives who have supported us through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, google+, Pinterest, Instragram). This has made it possible for our brand “HJAPÓN” to exceed all expectations from the beginning of the year. For this, we cannot thank you enough.

This however does not end here; we aim on reaching greater heights in 2017 and hope that you will continue to follow us through it. We have prepared more new surprises on our website, improving our content and videos in the hopes that you will continue to enjoy them.

We end now by taking a stock of 2016, counting down our best moments;

1. In October, we made the most of our appearance at the Boat Show in Barcelona to officially present our new corporate image, explain a little about our origins, and increase our exposure and reach. We were present at the event for 5 days and took part in various events. As such we can proudly state that we utilized this opportunity to the maximum, and only be grateful for the warm and successful reception we faced


2. We are aware that things are constantly changing around us, and as such, we have embraced this change to re-do our website completely by incorporating and using more visual aids and images to improve our accessibility and search facilities, and thus attract more traffic

3. In line with the previous success, we have also recreated our image on social media, and increased our activity and content so as to attract more potential clients, and continue to offer our existing customers better quality communication and information

4Success with our clients. After one year, we can finally look back proudly and reap the rewards of our hard work, not only in the successes we have achieved, but also with the level of quality and service we have strove to provide all our clients. Thank you to every single one of you for making this possible!

5. New collaborations. During 2016, we have collaborated on several great projects and events: KENSHO SAKE, RITUALS, SHIBUI BARCELONA, XAVIER MOR, LISKA, HELLY HANSEN, cavas GRAMONA, VIP STYLE MAGAZINE. Additionally, we have had the chance to meet real-life sporting samurais; Olympic taekwondo champion Joel González, Olympic medalist SaúlCraviotto, 800-metres freestyle medalist Erika Villaécija, national synchronized swimming coach Anna Tarrés, the renowned footballer Julio Salinas, Olympic swimming Thais Henriquez, famous actor OctaviPujades, and the president of the boat show FélixEscalas. This has truly been an honour for HJAPÓN

6. As with our projects, HJAPÓN’s team of Samurais grows every year with fantastic new additions, making our team even more powerful

7. We aim to break away from the other real-estate agencies in the sector so that we can focus on the needs and expectations of our clients. To this end we created the “Dream Home Project” which has been very successful. How many square metres would one need to build happiness? That’s all you need to worry about as we will take care of the rest.

8. Thanks to all the new and sensational properties we have the opportunity to manage in our portfolio, we can offer our clients the best luxury villas, mansions, designer apartments, and high-end building plots on the coast of Barcelona/Maresme by the seaside or the mountains


9. We chose a more 360º marketing campaign, in which we have included goals in various areas that aim to position HJAPÓN in the best manner globally to achieve excellent results.
10.To complete our countdown, we have completely recreated ourselves in catalogues, brochures and merchandising so as to create a more coherent image through our whole company.

What experience have you had with HJAPÓN during this 2016? We are open to any suggestions for the next year 2017, we will be happy to comment and give us your opinion on everything they consider useful to improve and meet your expectations.

Our best wishes for the year that begins, and it has been a pleasure to share this already ending with you.


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