HJAPÓN featured on “Descubrir Japón”

One of the main websites to promote the Japanese culture, “Descubrir Japón” has written an incredible article to explain the origin of the surname Japón, highlighting the contribution that HJAPÓN has made to promote Japanese culture and values within the corporate world.

“Descubrir Japón” is one of the Castilian-language websites that is at the forefront of promoting and raising awareness on Japanese culture, history and news within the Spanish-speaking communities.

The article gives a brief overview of the Keicho Embassy and the Samurai Hasekura Tsunenaga, highlighting the history of the first occurrence of the surname Japón in Coria del Rio and how it has come along after 400 years and 15 generations to spread across the country.

Lastly the piece sets out the example of one of these descendants, Marcelo Japón, CEO and co-founder of HJAPÓN, explaining his efforts to promote the Samurai philosophy and the Japanese values of respect, discretion and exclusivity through his business.

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