Successful Vanguardia campaign

The ad over the top of HJAPÓN

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The Gold Laurel to “The Samurái Footprints”

The documentary film triumphs

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Private screening of Las Huellas del Samurái in Coria del Río

A special private screening of the documentary “Las Huellas del Samurái” has been arranged at the Pastora Solar theatre in Coria del Río (Sevilla)

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HJAPÓN featured on “Descubrir Japón”

The website “Descubrir Japón” has released an article looking into the Japón surname and the man himself Marcelo Japón

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“Las Huellas del Samurai en Catalunya”

HAPÓN presents “Las Huellas del Samurai en Catalunya”, an event aimed at promoting the history of the Keicho mission

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HJAPÓN preview of the trailer for “Las Huellas del Samurái” (Footprints of the Samurai)

Marcelo Japón, a footprint of the Samurai in Barcelona

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HJAPÓN is celebrating 150 years of bilateral relations between Spain and Japan

HJAPÓN is collaborating in the 150th anniversary of Spanish-Japanese diplomacy

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A history of SENBAZURU

The Cranes of Japan

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Decoration with the Order of the Rising Sun; presented to Juan Manuel Suarez Japón

Juan Manuel Suarez Japón, decorated by the Japanese government.

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HJAPÓN’s Samurai Palace in Alella

A Samurai Palace; ideal for serving our clients in Alella

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