In case there was any doubt, the fair Construmat Beyond Building Barcelona has made it clear that nothing will be as before. Times have changed and the relationship with the consumer, as the real estate industry is concerned, has changed permanently. Gone are the old classical practices, which only prioritized the sale of the property. Now, the estate should relate to the consumer from strong values and philosophies.

And this is one of the key aspects of the work carried out by HJAPON: “When our customers come to us interested in buying or renting luxury homes in Barcelona and Spain, especially share with us an important piece of their lives” says Yolanda Navarro, one of the managers of Hjapón. Aware of this, the entire team works on the premise of absolute respect for the customer and a process of discretion, based on a personalized and friendly service.

The importance of the perfect home

All this new philosophy in the real estate property sector has made buyers change their filters and processes of decision when buying a house or house of high standing.

Before the housing prevailed based on its performance, finishes and even square meters, but currently these premises have given way to the values as cornerstones in the purchase of properties: “Customers choose high-end homes for what they transmitted, for what might be called intangibles, “said Yolanda Navarro.

Therefore, aware of this new trend in Hjapón has recently released a department dedicated exclusively to advise their clients in the process of adapting its luxury housing: “In no case act as builders, only help our customer comfortable in the purchase process and transfer to your new home. ”

Certainly a new and innovative proposal that national and international customers looking for high-end properties are embracing excellently. Today Hjapón has become the benchmark luxury real estate in the Maresme and one of the best agencies in Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain