El Masnou village tradition of seafaring and central business

The richness of this traditional village sailor who has been able to modernize and evolve to be a business centre of the Maresme, its tradition seafood, gastronomy and cultural offerings, make it a perfect spot to live, family or not, there is no place for boredom.

El Masnou is a village in the province of Barcelona, located on the coast of the Maresme, 17 km northeast of Barcelona, between the villages of Montgat and Premià de Mar, Alella North and Northeast Teià.

El Masnou is defined as village tradition of seafaring, cultural variety and rich gastronomy.

Strong maritime roots give the village of a remarkable nautical activity with a wide range of nautical services, such as the Escola Nàutica, Escola de Vela Club Nautic Masnou or Club Nautic Ocata Vent. In addition to activities such as the Fira Flotant with the best deals from boats sailing and motor boats, jet skis, this fair are present at many large and small companies related to nautical sports.

Festivals and activities that you can enjoy include La Festa Major de Sant Pere, starting on June 28 with spectacular fireworks night, and during those days the village is filled with correfocs, cercaviles, concerts and activities for families and children. Also, for lovers of comic theatre, Festival international de Teatre Comic Ple de Riure, in July, which over the years has established itself as a reference for the comic theatre in Catalonia and which goes a large influx of people from all over.

In El Masnou, you will find among the points of interest to visit the legacies of its history, such as the Church of Sant Pere i Mirador 1760 or La Casa del Marqués, neoclassical Palace 1902; but it is not a village anchored in the past and multiple are urban projects for the future as the future Parc of the Vallmora.

El Masnou stands out for the excellent quality of its restaurants, where you can eat the best sailors dishes and typical Catalan cuisine, also, enjoy international cuisine. In the Marina, as well as some finest restaurants, you can enjoy variety of terraces, ice cream parlors, dance halls, music bars and nightclubs, that make up a vibrant nightlife to the taste of everyone.

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Promocions Portuàries

Tel. 93 540 30 00

Web Page El Masnou Marina

Nautical School

Tel. 93 540 72 76

Web Page Nautical School

Fanpage Facebook Nautical School

Perfil de Twitter de la Escola Nàutica

Sailing Yacht Club El Masnou

Tel. 93 555 06 05

Web Page Escola de Vela Club Nàutic Masnou

Fanpage Facebook Escola de Vela Club Nàutic Masnou

Twitter Profile Escola de Vela Club Nàutic Masnou

Yacht Club Ocata Vent

Tel.: 93 555 17 85

Web Page Club Nàutic Ocata Vent

Nautica Marina Estrella

Tel.: 93 540 39 00

It is one of the Europe’s largest nautical. They are present along the coast of the Iberian peninsula and the Balearic Islands with a large organization of brokers and associated marine. With over thirty years of experience, they offer a maximum quality service to its customers. Exclusive importers of the best brands on the market such as Azimut, Benetti, Cobalt, Sacs Marine, Minorchino, Hanse and Moody. They also have a huge opportunity market.

Web Page Marina Estrella

Fanpage Facebook Marina Estrella

Twitter Profile Marina Estrella


Orilla Restaurant

Located in the Centre of the village. Xavier Orfila chef delights guests with creative seasonal cuisine and seasonal product.

Web Page Orfila Restaurant

Fanpage Facebook Orfila Restaurant

Twitter Profile Orfila restaurant

Pati La Morera

They are defined by creating a product of high quality, new and innovative level accessible to all. Food level, friendly and attentive service and correct price.

Web Page Pati La Morera

Tresmacarrons Vermut Restaurant

Catalan cuisine today, that still today part of the past and tradition and that it expects to have bright future.

Web Tresmacarrons Vermut Restaurant

La Cuina dels Capitans

Restaurant in the port of El Masnou that combines traditional tapas and signature cuisine. With a seafood special and own philosophy, its restaurant with terrace is like a nautical Museum. Highly recommended.

Web Page La Cuina dels Capitans

Fanpage Facebook La Cuina dels Capitans

Twitter Profile La Cuina dels Capitans

Restaurante Japonés Minato

MINATO is a restaurant where to taste the authentic taste of Japanese cuisine. Based on an excellent selection of ingredients, raw materials, products originating in Japan and a traditional preparation.

Web Page Minato

Fanpage Facebook Minato

Restaurant La Santa

Mediterranean and market cuisine. It offers wide variety of rice, fish, pastas, salads and meats. In addition you can enjoy a range of tapas. The most sought after is the top of “patatas bravas”, the best in the area.

Web Page La Santa

Fanpage Facebook La Santa

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