The Gold Laurel to “The Samurái Footprints”

The movie “The Samurai Footprints” by the director Juanma Suárez and produced by HJAPÓN, has signed in as a participant to Barcelona’s International Cinema Festival. This documentary film and movie counts with the participation of one of our company administrators: Marcelo Japón.

A few weeks ago, the documentary film became a finalist in the International Film Festival of Barcelona, and they couldn’t be more grateful. This is a recent and independent event that presented more than 175 movies around the world from the 13th to the 18th of September. The event left a print through the international cinematographic calendar, as there were more promoted movies than expected.

fig.1 Gold Laurel granted

The movie The Samurái’s footprint was nominated in up to four different categories:

➢    Best director

➢    Best visual effects

➢    Best Spanish feature film

➢    Best international documentary film

Thanks to Darwin Reina, the director of the festival, The Samurái’s Footprints was granted with the best possible characteristics to win, and so it happened. The Gold Laurel was given to the movie after its wonderful cultural division and international potentiality.

Two years ago, when the documentary film was released for the first time, it had an unexpected but much-desired success. Since then, this only gets better as a unique and different award has just recently been won.


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