The ‘Dream Home Project’ is an exclusive way of selling luxury properties in Barcelona


A ‘Dream Home Project’ needs a visionary who dreams of a luxury innovative project, and a group of enthusiastic professionals such as those at HJAPÓN to transform this dream into a reality.

Property investment is possibly one of the most momentous purchases one can make. Every individual looking to buy a home has his own idea of a dream property, unique in nature, and rightly so as a home is more than just a place in which to reside.

As such, this new concept of the ‘Dream Home Project’ allows a potential client to find their dream home, whilst allowing the current homeowner to sell their property more easily.

This innovative method excludes the current homeowner from making any investment in renovations.

It is HJAPÓN who takes that step and makes an offer of renovating the property in question, after careful property analysis depending on the demand of potential customers and at no cost to the vendor. We also have the assurance that the buyer makes a great investment, and as such the project accrues a great profitability upon completion.



The houses are renovated with a contemporary style in mind, where three concepts are emphasised; light, design, and total use of the interior space. Only top-quality materials are used, and the final result is ensured as a success as we aim for elegant houses with a modern architecture and functional design.

The results in renovating these traditional-style properties are spectacular, with many having large terraces and overlooking the seaside. They are family homes with charm and personality that have been transformed into unique, designer developments that incorporate the latest trends and use existing resources to pave way for more renewable and clean energy alternatives. An example of this is to make the most of natural resources such as rainwater, which is stored for later use in the maintenance of the garden and pool. As a result, consumption costs are reduced and a sustainable property is achieved.

HJAPÓN relies on the collaboration of a team of expert professionals who are prepared to advise the client every step of the way in an efficient manner.

Our philosophy is the constant improvement in the way we work… We offer the highest level of professionalism, transparency and ethics in our actions, with the aim of guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients above all else.

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