“Culture of Determination” HJAPÓN



HJAPÓN and the “Culture of Determination”

Resulting from our “Samurai” roots and spirit, this “culture of determination” is an integral value for our exclusive real estate agency of HJAPÓN. This value is shared amongst our team of professionals, our “Mediterranean Samurais”, and it defines the way we carry out our work and our attitude to life.

The Values surrounding our “Culture of Determination”

  • Modesty, and utter respect for others, including our competitors
  • Preparing and training our team to reach excellence in everything we do
  • Passion and relentless determination to reach our goals and objectives
  • Ability to learn from our mistakes, and to always keep trying harder
  • A desire to constantly improve
  • Willingness to work in a team
  • Determination to succeed and taste the fruits of our labour


Stand HJAPÓN in Barcelona Boat Show 2016


Stand HJAPÓN in the Barcelona Boat Show 2016


Samurais mediterraneos

Stand HJAPÓN in the Barcelona Boat Show 2016


Many people share the same values as we hold true  

Recently, at our “Samurai Stand” at the Barcelona Boat Show, we had the honour of welcoming several professionals and athletes who share the same “culture of determination”.

Some of these included the Olympic Taekwondo Champion Joel González, medallist  Saúl Craviotto, the synchronised swimming coach Anna Tarrés, the three-time Olympic swimming Erika Villaécija, the renowned footballer Julio Salinas, Olympic swimmer Thais Henríquez and the famous actor Octavi Pujades. not to mention also the prestigious journalist Cristina Cubero.

This has been a great honour for HJAPÓN.

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