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Which are the municipalities with D.O. Alella?

The Alella Denomination of Origin is one of the smallest and oldest on the Iberian Peninsula, but it is well known for the quality of its wines and sparkling wines. The Alella DO is made up of 31 municipalities in the counties of Barcelonès, El Maresme and Vallès Oriental, including the one that gives it its name: Alella.

In Barcelonès:  Badalona and Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

In El Maresme: Alella, Arenys de Mar, Arenys de Munt, Argentona, Cabrera de Mar, Cabrils, Calella, El Masnou, Mataró, Montgat, Òrrius, Premià de Mar, Premià de Dalt, Sant Cebrià de Vallalta, Sant Iscle de Vallalta, Sant Pol de Mar, Teià, Tiana, Vilassar de Dalt and Vilassar de Mar.

In Vallès Oriental: Granollers, Llinars del Vallès, Martorelles, Montornès del Vallès, Sant Fost de Campsentelles, Santa Maria de Martorelles, La Roca del Vallès, Vallromanes and Vilanova del Vallès.

The success and quality of the wines produced in this privileged location by the Mediterranean Sea dates back to ancient times. Already in Roman times, the wines of the area, called laietanos, were sent to Rome to provide vigour and courage to the troops.

The vineyards of the DO Alella are located on both sides of the Serralada Litoral and the Serralada de Marina. The DO Alella maintains the ancient tradition of cultivation in the area, taking advantage of the slopes and plains, the sunny and shady areas that are created on both sides of the Serralada Litoral to obtain the optimum musts for making fresh wines with a markedly Mediterranean character.

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Characteristics of DO Alella wines

The common denominator of the wines of this DO is their minerality, especially in the white wines, regardless of the method of production. This characteristic is found in both the white and black wines from the maritime side, in the Maresme region, although it is slightly less noticeable in the wines from the inland side, in the Vallès Oriental region.

In the DO Alella region, the granitic subsoil is made up of small grains, called sauló or sablón, which create a soil with good permeability, forcing the vine to dig deep into its roots in search of water and other elements. This creates a small ‘stress’, which, if well controlled, also helps to regulate grape production. In fact, the small difference in taste that we can appreciate in the wines made on the maritime side compared to those made on the inland side is that the inland wines have more acidity.

Moreover, the vines are conditioned by a double climate, the one on either side of the Serralada de Marina, the natural border between the regions of El Maresme and Vallès Oriental. The climate is Mediterranean on the Maresme side (constant breeze and irregular rainfall), and continental (colder and less hours of sunshine) on the Vallès side.

The fresh and unique character of Alella wines is achieved with traditional varieties such as white Pasa Blanca (the most characteristic of the DO), Garnatxa Blanca, Muscatel and Garnatxa Negra that each winegrower works in different ways: stainless steel, ou de ciment, barrel,…

To complement and enrich the diversity of the DO Alella wines, over the years the varieties Chardonnay, Macabeo, Malvasía, Chenin, Moscatel, Parellada, Picapoll white and Sauvignon white have been planted in the case of white varieties and Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha Peluda, Merlot, Monastrell, Pinot noir and Cariñena in the case of black varieties.

Traditionally, the D.O. Alella has been a territory of white wines, but the recovery of traditional red varieties such as Mataró or Sumoll and the introduction of others such as Syrah, Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon has led the wineries of the D.O. towards the production of excellent red wines of great elegance and complexity.

Organic wineries and wine tourism

There are currently 7 wineries and 7 producers (without their own winery) that produce wine with the Alella Denomination of Origin. Four of the eight wineries registered with the Regulatory Council practice organic agriculture (Alta Alella, Joaquim Batlle, Bouquet d’Alella and Alella Vinícola). Their owners assure that, beyond the market trends and the possible added value that the ‘organic’ seal can bring them, they follow this path out of pure conviction, out of respect for the environment and the territory.

These wineries also offer wine tourism activities for lovers of good food and wine, both for couples and for the whole family.

Here you can find all the wine tourism activities of enoturism of the DO Alella

Bouquet d’Alella  has 13 hectares of vineyards planted over 25 years ago, currently cultivated using organic techniques, located in the municipalities of Alella, Teià and Vilassar de Dalt. It produces a whole range of organic wines of limited production, made from local grape varieties and following traditional procedures.

It is one of the wineries that offers the most wine tourism alternatives: picnics among the vines, aperitifs among the vines, full moon dinners and many other experiences for wine lovers.

The estate has 13 hectares of vineyards planted more than 25 years ago and today cultivated with organic techniques, located in the municipalities of Alella, Teià and Vilassar de Dalt (DO Alella). It is one of the wineries that offers the most wine tourism alternatives: picnics among the vines, aperitifs among the vines, full moon dinners and many more experiences.

Located in a modernist winery designed in 1906 by a disciple of the brilliant Gaudí, Jeroni Martorell and under the brand name MARFIL, Alella Vinicola  markets the famous white wines with DO Alella all over the world, with great international recognition. It is a family winery located 15 kilometres from Barcelona. They produce around 90,000 bottles a year of a dozen wines and carry out various activities related to the world of wine and gastronomy. They have their own restaurant in the modernist winery designed by Jeroni Martorell, a disciple of Antoni Gaudí.

In Tiana, the Joaquim Batlle  winery is buried in the centre of a three-hectare estate, 300 metres above sea level. With its vineyards planted on slopes and terraces, it is one of the smallest but most emblematic producers of the DO Alella. Its production is based on three native varieties: Garnatxa, Pansa and Picapoll from organic farming to produce around 14,000 bottles a year. It is one of the smallest and at the same time one of the most emblematic of the DO Alella.

The Bodega Raventós d’Alella at the Can Matons farmhouse has an innovative, avant-garde and international character. It produced its first vintage in 1981, and since then its philosophy has been to extract the maximum potential from the genuine grape variety of the area: the Pansa Blanca.

Located in Santa Maria de Martorelles, between old vineyards and forests in the interior of the Serralada de Marina, the estate can be visited by prior reservation.

A very active real estate market

Alella is growing as much as its wines. It has become a very attractive town for buyers from Barcelona city and international clients looking for a quiet life in a natural environment. The centre of Alella is a booming area thanks to new buildings of semi-detached houses and designer flats that accommodate a public that prefers to have shops and transport close to home.

Urbanisations such as Can Teixidó, Alella Parc, Nova Alella, Can Comulada, Mas Coll, Coma Fosca, etc. attract families who wish to acquire a property with land, large houses, swimming pools, sea views and greater privacy.

Moreover, in Alella it is still possible to find stately homes belonging to Barcelona families who used them for their summer holidays. These properties will always have value and there is a buying public that values a comprehensive rehabilitation while preserving the original elements.

If you are looking for a luxury house to buy or rent in El Maresme contact us. In HJAPON we have a great offer in the most exclusive areas of Maresme.

We are experts in luxury properties in towns such as Alella, Teià, Tiana, Cabrils, Sant Vicenç de Montalt, Premia de Dalt, Barcelona or Sant Andreu de Llavaneres.

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