Competitive luxury real-estate market in Maresme


The incredible behaviour of the luxury real-estate sector is not only witnessed in large cities such as Barcelona, but also noticeable in neighbouring areas, such as the region of Maresme. In recent years, it has become one of the sought-after destinations for all types of investors; both national and international, who value tranquillity, security, good services and its proximity to the Catalan capital and the coast.

Maresme quality houses at a good price

High standing properties for sale in the Maresme


In addition, the luxury real-estate market on the Coast of Maresme is seen by international buyers as an affordable market, as they consider that the prices of high-end properties here are much lower than in the rest of Europe. As a result, more foreign investors are looking to buy their primary or secondary residence in this charming region of Maresme.



The advantages and other aspects taken into account by luxury property investors are that the coast of Maresme equals to a high quality of lifestyle on the Mediterranean that has remained unchanged over time. Additionally they appreciate the warm welcome they receive from the residents of the high-end residential areas, as well as the pleasant micro-climate throughout the year that allows one to enjoy outdoor sports in the various top-quality facilities (golf courses, equestrian centres, tennis courts) and its 52 kilometres of sandy beaches and prestigious marinas.

House for sale near the port Arenys de Mar

Marina of Arenys de Mar

Maresme has a unique natural environment in that it is home to several natural parks; Montnegre and the Serralada Coastal Range which provide the opportunities to go horseback riding, cycling or hiking for those who like to walk in the fresh, green open nature.

Moreover there are unbeatable gastronomic and leisure choices to enjoy near the sea … as well as sampling the internationally renowned wines that carry the DO Alella certification, also visiting the wineries and taking part in wine tastings and wine tourism in the beautiful district of Alella.

Nice terrace by the sea

Restaurant with terrace by the Sea



Most of the luxury homes that are on sale in the Maresme are in sublime condition. They are elegant, exquisite properties with a special charm, of different architectural designs (modern, contemporary, traditional Mediterranean, and avant-garde) which have been constructed using only top-quality materials and upscale fittings that guarantee absolute comfort and that have been cared for with much pampering by its owners with attention to even the slightest detail.

Villa de lujo para comprar en Barcelona costa

Casa en venta con piscina en Sant Vicenç de Montalt

 These exceptional estates are fully-fitted starting from the kitchens, large rooms with plenty of natural light, and spacious bedrooms that usually have breath-taking sea or mountain views from where to enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Moreover, the exteriors of these mansions feature large gardens with lawns and majestic trees with porches, outdoor lounges where one can enjoy with family and friends, and amazing swimming pools, not to mention covered areas for parking cars.

These high-end home are located in safe and peaceful exclusive neighbourhoods that are generally close to the town centres, the seaside and mountains, and as such, proximate to all manner of shops and markets. There are also several reputable local and international schools in the area, as well as extensive transport networks with downtown Barcelona being just a few minutes away by train or on the highway.



Our exclusive real-estate agency is located in El Masnou, right in the heart of Maresme, and as such we are best placed to have direct and first-hand contacts with the owners of the finest luxury properties. We manage an exhaustive array of estates (villas, houses, apartments, mansions with vineyards, and building plots) that are located in amazing areas, has great design and architecture, constructed using the best materials, excellent fittings, proximate services and amenities, sublime quality, and competitive prices.

Owning a property has different meanings and sentiments to different individuals. At HJAPÓN, our main task is to make our customers’ dreams come true. All this becomes a reality thanks to our expert team that has become a close-knit family who strive to make our clients an essential part of the group too.

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