Cabrils. A town to enjoy nature and eat well.

Cabrils is one of the most desirable villages of the Maresme to live, both by foreigners and foreigners, for the tranquility that permeates its small town and all the nature that surrounds it.

Cabrils, has a magnificent location. It is located on the slope of the Serralada Litoral, 147 meters above sea level, just 3 kilometers from the sea.

This magnificent location and its small size allows its inhabitants to enjoy a very quiet and peaceful life, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and forests.

A small town with a high per capita income.
It is a small town, with barely more than 7,000 inhabitants, but it has several first class urbanizations with beautiful houses surrounded by forests, which enjoy excellent views of the sea.

Along with Alella and Teià, the residents of Cabrils enjoy the highest per capita income in the country. Currently, its main activity is services, where gastronomy stands out above all.

The City Council of the population itself promotes the brand “Cabrils, vila gastronòmica”, every year they celebrate the contest of the Typical Dish of Cabrils, the Days of the Pea, as well as the Gastronomic, Commercial and Craftsmen; or the Mushrooms of Cabrils and the Gastronomic Fortnight.

What to see and do in Cabrils

If you like outdoor activities, Cabrils offers more than 70 hectares of mountain for walking or cycling. It has a tennis club (Club de Tenis Montcabrer).

Cabrils has several places of interest such as the castle of Can Jaumar, the pre-Romanesque or Mozarabic chapel, built at the time of the Muslim domination, and restored in 1953; the Parish of Santa Cruz de Cabrils, built between 1704 and 1775 and restored in 1874, is also interesting.

The Arborètum de Catalunya, a green space where you can find all the flora of our country, and the Cross of Montcabrer, a magnificent viewpoint of the whole region.

The Cross of Montcabré is a symbol of the village: installed in 1707, during the Civil War it was removed and in the eighties the current one was installed.

Cabrils. A very attractive real estate market
In Cabrils coexist the old village houses of its urban core with different urbanizations scattered around the mountain with magnificent luxury houses in Cabrils surrounded by nature.

Finding a house in Cabrils

It is precisely these homes that are most sought after by customers from Barcelona City and foreigners looking for a home in Cabrils, through our real estate in Alella, to enjoy the quiet life, surrounded by all the nature in the Maresme and near the sea and Barcelona that offers this beautiful village.

Cozy house with pool and garden in Cabrils

House with garden, pool and spectacular views of the sea in Cabrils

Impressive single-storey property in Cabrils

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