Barcelona and Maresme attract several foreign buyers and investors


 Barcelona has once again been the focus of considerable foreign investment, especially in the real-estate sector. Due to its various benefits, Barcelona has become of the most outstanding cities in Europe. Returning to the Catalan market, foreign investors have noticed that Barcelona has regained its strengths. Of note here are tourism, scientific centres, business schools, and exports which have continued to improve. The tourism industry suffered a little at the beginning of the financial crisis, but it has not only recovered, but beaten its own record in the number of tourists that have visited in 2016. The international buyers have definitely returned to stay.

 Increase in real estate investment in Barcelona

Real estate investment

Thanks to the increase in the number of tourists, Barcelona is gaining more ground in the way of the investments made in the real-estate sector by foreigners, and the figures demonstrate this. 42% of real-estate purchase registered in Barcelona is carried out by international investors.

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Going by districts, according to data collected by various real-estate consultancies, Eixample and Ciutat Vella have seen the largest foreign investment (75% compared against 15% Catalans and remaining 10% from the rest of Spain). However in the neighbourhood of Gracia, national and international investment is divided equally. On the contrary, uptown Barcelona has seen the percentage of foreign investment decrease by 25%.

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According to the same report, the areas chosen by investors are those that buyers consider more likely to increase in value, either due to its location or numbers of tourists they attract. For example, the neighbourhood of Gótico and Barceloneta saw 84% of its purchases as investments in the first half of the year as they are two of the areas where people go to enjoy Barcelona to the maximum.


With regards to the charming district of Maresme, the number of international buyers purchasing exclusive homes has exponentially increased. One reason for this is the area’s proximity to downtown Barcelona, being surrounded by nature, and having the best beaches nearby, as well as renowned marinas and golf courses. This is in conjunction with guaranteeing an excellent quality of life living in between the seaside and mountains. The majority of those investing on the coast of Maresme do so to acquire primary residences, although recently they are also being bought as second or holiday homes.

Apartment for sale in Barcelona

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It is international investors who evaluate and consider from various perspectives when investing in Spain, including understanding the possibility of increasing the property value, the economic profitability from rent, as well as benefits of the area in terms of quality of life. As such, international buyers seek excellence with regards to their lifestyle.

Regarding nationalities of these buyers, those investing in the coast of Maresme are mainly from Europe; those from the UK, France, and Catalonians. There is also increasing interest from Russians, Arabs, and the US due to their strong currency.


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