Luxury properties do not follow the same interior decoration trends every year. Saying that however, in the last few years, the tendency has leaned more towards simplicity, order and minimalism.

High-end real estate is synonymous with comfort and well-being, and there is nothing better than natural light in achieving this. Nowadays, upscale homes are constructed in a way that light reaches every corner of the estate, to take advantage of as many daylight hours as possible. This is achieved thanks to the use of large glass windows that allow in tonnes of light and amplifies space. Removing walls and hallways is also ideal if you wish to maximise flow and movement through the house.

What are the facades like in a luxury home?

As previously mentioned, the current trend leans toward open designs and an abundance of light. Flat or gently sloping ceilings, large expanses of glass, and open communication with the exteriors are also in fashion.

Although modern designs continue to choose wood, cement, and stone as the main building materials, we are now seeing a huge increase in the use of glass in facades. People are choosing to opt for designs based on simple and straight lines, with a contrast in texture in the materials used. The use of glass also allows for the effect of amplifying spaces.

Glass facades were created to open up the house and create a communication with the surrounding natural landscapes, allowing for the interiors to be bathed in natural sunlight. Not only that, but in addition to fulfilling an aesthetic function, it fulfils other benefits such as home security, sustainability, and acoustic insulation.

What are the interiors like in a luxury home?

The interior design of high-end homes is characterized by a lack of ornamentation and more use of minimalist styles, along with simple furniture with few decorations, giving more importance to the architectural details. Contemporary designs are exemplified by the minimalist and ordered touches, helping to increase the sensation of space and movement in the home.

Upscale properties with simple interiors employ the use of compatible materials such as wood or steel, with special emphasis put on rectangular forms and horizontal and vertical lines in the designs.

Steel columns are also used in the construction, allowing for a greater sense of space and natural light flowing in from the exteriors, with the walls having a smoother finish.

The living room, dining area and kitchen usually form part of the same adjoining interior space, giving it a more informal and homely spirit.

Mansions are not the same as what they were during the era of our grandparents. They are much more than a huge house with a large lounge and a fully fitted kitchen.

The swimming pool is another one those essential elements, along with a large terrace or a garden. Having a chill-out lounge area is another necessity, as well as the gym or an entertainment room. Some opt to install a mini-cinema or a cocktail bar.

In short, contemporary luxury homes are geared towards communicating with the nature outside, giving natural light the importance it deserves for the life that it gives us. The aim is to harness solar heat for the winter, whilst providing the most amount of ventilation and air movement in the summer.

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