5 Reasons to buy a house in El Maresme

The Maresme is one of the most desirable regions, close to Barcelona, to live in. The Maresme is home to a number of towns that are well known for their quiet atmosphere, high quality services and well-developed infrastructure, all next to the sea and surrounded by all the nature of the Serrelada del Litoral.

Among these villages, we can highlight towns such as Alella, Teià, Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, Premià de Dalt or Cabrils, among others. These are towns with a high standard of living, a wide range of services (stores, health centers, etc.), prestigious schools, first class sports facilities and a booming gastronomic offer.

The most demanded housing profile in El Maresme is the house with garden, for families who want to leave the big city to find a quieter life, but with minimum services and transport nearby.

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5 Reasons to invest in a property in El Maresme:

1. Profitability: With one of the highest per capita incomes in Spain, El Maresme offers a favorable environment for real estate investment. The demand for properties in the region remains high, which guarantees a good return for both short and long term investors.

2. Stability: The privileged location of El Maresme and its tourist attraction guarantee a constant demand for properties, to which the current economic stability also contributes.

3. Quiet and anonymous lifestyle: Living in the Maresme offers any family an exceptional quality of life. A mild Mediterranean climate throughout the year that allows you to enjoy its beaches, outdoor activities, enjoy a rich cultural and gastronomic offer. In a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

4. Valuation: Properties in the Maresme have a high valuation due to its privileged location and the continuous demand for housing in the area.

5. Increasing prices in the city of Barcelona: The escalation of housing prices in Barcelona makes more and more families and investors, locals and foreigners, value the many benefits of the lifestyle offered by the towns of El Maresme, to live or invest.

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Whether for personal use or as an investment, buying a house in El Maresme is a safe bet for those looking to get a significant return on their investment, but also for those looking to live in a natural environment, more human without giving up the comforts and the possibility of moving to Barcelona quickly and comfortably, the journey is just 20 minutes by car or 35 minutes by train to the center of Barcelona.

In short, El Maresme is not only known for its beautiful villages, stunning beaches and landscapes and rich culture, but also for its thriving real estate market and high profitability.

For foreign investors looking to capitalize on these opportunities, buying a home in the Maresme is a smart decision that promises long-term rewards in terms of return on investment and quality of life.


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