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HJAPÓN Luxury Real Estate Agency, through its cultural and corporate social responsibility division, develops a whole series of actions and events aimed at spreading the Samurai philosophy and Japanese culture in our country, sponsoring sporting events and promoting the relationship between companies. Japanese and Spanish.

An exclusive and unique strategy in our sector, which has already impacted more than 7 million people, and which positions us as much more than a real estate agency. These are some of our cultural and social actions and events…

“Samuráis Mediterráneos” Website

A website created by HJAPÓN with the aim of disseminating the Samurai culture and its relationship with our country, as well as promoting relations between Spanish and Japanese companies.

Production of the film “Las Huellas del Samurái”

HJAPÓN is executive producer of this documentary film dedicated to the Keicho Samurai embassy and their descendants who share the surname Japan. A work that was nominated for 11 Goya awards.

“Conversaciones con Samuráis Mediterráneos” Book

A book written by Marcelo Japan, CEO and founder of HJAPÓN, which includes exclusive and very interesting conversations with famous “Mediterranean Samurai” such as Carme Ruscalleda, Josep Piqué or Hideki Matsuhisa and articles about the Samurai world and Japanese business culture.

HJAPÓN partner of “Circulo Empresarial Japón España”

A “Networking” platform that connects and relates the most important Japanese companies established in Spain and the main official institutions of both countries, such as the Japanese Embassy and Consulate in Spain, Casa Asia, Foment del Treball, Embassy of Spain in Japan and chambers of commerce among others. In addition, CEJE annually celebrates the Keicho awards for innovation and technology, inspired by the Keicho Japanese Embassy that visited us in 1613, giving rise to the surname Japan.

Presence at sporting events and tournaments

HJAPÓN has been present at the Laureus awards, the Conde de Godó tennis tournament and Golf and Padel tournaments. He has also sponsored the Great Sports Gala El Mundo Deportivo and the ACB Basketball League.

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