Mediterranean Samurais of the 21st Century

Starting from 1585, and continuing on for four centuries, there were commercial and political contacts between Spain and Japan but not a relevant cultural exchange between neither societies nor a deep mutual knowledge. However, at the end of the 20th century there was a radical change in this situation.

Almost suddenly, Japanese society began to show growing interest in the architecture of Antoni Gaudí, flamenco singing and dancing, Spanish culture, and the Mediterranean passion, which continues to grow progressively.

Simultaneously, in Spain, a huge interest was also awakened for Japanese modernity, innovation and technology, its gastronomy, literature, martial arts … And a fascination for the ancestral values of Japanese culture and the legendary Samurai

This deep and constant exchange between both cultures over the last decades has produced a new reality that in HJAPÓN we have called the “Mediterranean Samurai“: the fusion of Japanese modernity, culture and values with Mediterranean passion and creativity.

This is a new concept that we can observe amongst Japanese companies, entities and professionals currently in Spain that have adapted fully to our country, culture and values.

Likewise, we have seen in Spanish and European companies and professionals a growing incorporation and fascination of Japanese concepts and culture, as well as their unparalleled capacity for innovation and modernity.

Here we demonstrate the list of “Mediterranean Samurai” that collaborate with us and inform you about their projects and activities.

If you or your company consider yourself a “Mediterranean Samurai” and / or wish to collaborate with us, just send us an e-mail. It will be a great honor to collaborate with you


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Spanish-Japanese Tourism Association

Organization that promotes tourism and cultural exchange between Spain and Japan

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Enrique Guzmán

"Producer with an understanding of cause…."

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Joan Rubio

Master of Aikido at Musubikai Aikido

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Etsuro Sotoo

Japanese sculptor for the Temple in the Sagrada Familia

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Japanese martial arts cultural association directed by Professor Joan Rubio

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Association promoting the canonization of the Barcelona architect

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TUBLICIDAD, HJAPÓN’s Advertising Agency

Juan Carlos Menal, creative director at HJAPÓN

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José Manuel Almuzara

President of the Pro-Beatification for Antoni Gaudí Association

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A producer with more than 25 years of experience

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The first Spanish sake

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