Teià, an unbeatable place to buy your holiday house

On the slopes of the Sierra de Marina, bordering the towns of Alella, Premia de Dalt and El Masnou, is the town of Teià; a historic town that was famous for its wine production in Roman times. Art and culture of the vine was possible in Teià only for its geographical position and mild temperatures, which even today has stayed the same when walking along its streets; making this an ideal location to invest in a luxury property.

A large selection of luxury mansions, townhouses and luxury apartments on offer in this sensational location on the coast of Maresme, enticing those who seek the freshness of the Mediterranean Sea whilst being just a few minutes from the city of Barcelona.

Why should one buy upscale properties in Teià?

The most traditional Mediterranean cuisine, warm temperatures, and the fantastic sea breeze at dawn; the things that are waiting for you if you choose to invest in this stupendous town. One can wake up to calm and serenity, along with a large selection of leisure and cultural activities. Moreover, the terrain makes it ideal for getting lost in the cool pines of the Sierra de Marina or one could instead choose to enjoy the extensive exclusive golf courses.

There are high-end neighbourhoods in Teià that not only offer luxury homes but also ensure security and exclusivity in one of the most reputable zones on the coast of Barcelona.

How can one enjoy Teià?

Teià offers a perfect combination of nature and historical tradition; rain fed crops, especially cereals and vines, intermingle with the production in potatoes, vegetables and flowers, making their fields prosperous.

Those with a discerning palate state that one cannot own luxury properties in Teià if they do not serve copious amounts of the local cuisine in their homes. When the autumn twilight falls on the eve of the local festival of Sant Martí, the streets are decorated to welcome this traditional event. The harvest of ripe apples that for centuries has been done in Teià, has been used to prepare one of the most renowned Catalonian delights: apple stuffed with meat.

Enjoy the food, the exquisite views, or tour the Roman site of Vallmora; the three things that have to be done if one chooses to own a gorgeous property in the town and endeavour to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Lastly, the Gothic-Renaissance style of the mid-fifteenth century combines with the most exclusive designs of the high-end homes in Teià to result in a live exhibition when walking along the pretty streets.

Who should buy exclusive properties in Teià?

If you are a young couple wanting to settle down but with all the comforts and amenities nearby; invest in an upscale property in Teià to be just a few minutes from the capital.

If you are a family looking for tranquillity and security, then invest in an exquisite home in Teià to provide your children with a great quality of life that they will cherish forever.

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