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If you want to purchase an upscale estate in El Masnou, then look no further as we manage a sensational portfolio of properties that are guaranteed to suit your necessities and wishes. Through our website, you can look at our wide range of luxury homes, duplexes, apartments, our penthouses in this stupendous area of El Masnou.

Why should one buy upscale properties in El Masnou?

El Masnou is located in Maresme, just 17km from Barcelona, and very close to Montgat and Premià de Mar. It is recognised as having some of the most beautiful houses in a peaceful zone but with all manner of amenities.

Similar to Badalona, El Masnou is surrounded by mountains and the seaside, with its beaches and marina being famous in the region.

El Masnou is also characterised for its architecture; an example of this includes the Charity House building, the Casino, the Cultural House, and CEIP Ocata.

Where is the best place in El Masnou in which to invest?

As this area is surrounded by nature, any neighbourhood is perfect for taking advantage of its serenity and beauty. There is also an area within the mountain side that is home to several upscale villas and townhouses where mainly families choose to live.

Due to its location by the seaside, young couple choose to reside here as they aim to make the most of this romantic atmosphere.

Who should buy exclusive properties in Alella?

El Masnou is perfect for families as its convenient location and relaxed atmosphere close to the seaside and mountains make it ideal for settling down. It is also a great place for young couples who want to escape the madness of the metropolis but still want to be close to all the amenities and the vibrant nature of the big city.

About HJapón

HJapón stands out for our Samurai code of honour, professionalism, work ethic, commitment and loyalty towards the client. We have 30 years experience in the real-estate sector, as well as 10 years in real-estate brokerage in Barcelona and on the coast of Maresme, and boast a presence in over 50 countries. If you are looking to invest in your dream home in El Masnou, then look no further!

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