Badalona, an unbeatable place to buy your holiday house

At HJapón, we have a wide range of luxury properties in Badalona, perfect for those wanting to live close to Barcelona with all the amenities and services they need.

We have a plethora of high-end properties in Badalona: upscale homes, duplex apartments, villas or townhouses, where you can live with every luxury and exclusivity.

Why should one buy upscale properties in Badalona?

Badalona is the second-largest important city in the region of Barcelona for its proximity to downtown Barcelona, for its location in between the seaside and mountains; this is the area chosen by investors seeking luxury.

If you choose to move to one of the exclusive home in Badalona, you will be surrounded by nature from all directions. This town stretches from the mountain range of Marina, Mosques d’Ase or the Amigó mountains, all the way to beaches in the city that attracts countless tourists. Badalona is blessed with around 9 beaches amounting to 4.5km of fine golden sand.

Badalona is also the city for sportspeople, especially basketball. Barcelona is home to F.C. Barcelona, and Badalona is not far behind with its Club Joventut which has given rise to some of the most famous names in the sport.

Where is the best place in Badalona in which to invest?

Badalona is home to several diverse districts, characterised by its peacefulness, little traffic, and exclusive amenities:

District 1: Casagemes, Manresà, Centre, Dalt Vila, Coll i Pujol and Progrés.

District 2: Sant Crist, Sistrells, Lloreda, New Lloreda, Puigfred, La Paz and West Montigalà.

District 3: Montigalà Oriental, Canyet, Mas Ram, Bufalà, Pomar Pomar de dalt, Morera and Les Guixeres

Who should buy exclusive properties in Badalona?

Families looking to move to an exclusive and gorgeous city with excellent educational institutions and all manner of services for all ages.

Athletes, especially those seeking calm and peace on the outskirts of the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

About HJapón

HJapón stands out for our Samurai code of honour, professionalism, work ethic, commitment and loyalty towards the client. We have 30 years experience in the real-estate sector, as well as 10 years in real-estate brokerage in Barcelona and on the coast of Maresme, and boast a presence in over 50 countries. If you are looking to invest in your dream home in the sensational Badalona, then look no further!

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