In Argentona, located close to Mataró, HJAPÓN is proud to manage a wide selection of luxury, designer properties with swimming pools, for purchase or rent, in this beautiful part of Spain surrounded by gorgeous landscapes.

HJAPÓN is an industry-leading, luxury real estate agency in Maresme and Barcelona that is committed to finding our clients their dream home. To this end, this time, we are promoting our range of exclusive, high-end estates for purchase or rent in the neighbourhoods of “Les Ginesteres”, “Can Cabot”, and “Can Uvas”.

Your house near the centre of Maresme

Argentona is a neighbourhood located near the centre of Maresme, only 4km from the city of Mataró, and a few kilometres from Granollers and Roca de Vallés in inland Barcelona.

The area is famous for its porcelain jugs and pitchers, as well as the International Ceramic and Pottery Festival celebrated every August. Additionally, it is well-known for its 200 medicinal springs, some of which have carbon dioxide. Argentona became fashionable as a summer resort amongst the Catalan upper-class at the beginning of the 20th century, where many families built exclusive, stately summer mansions.

The Commonwealth of Riera de Argentona includes the towns of Mataró, Cabrera de Mar, Dosrrius, Orius, San Andrés de Llavaneras, and Vilasar de Mar, and is where the representatives work together to ameliorate issues regarding the environment, infrastructure, the economy and society that need developing and implementing.

Moreover, the Argentona City Council organise guided tours of the area in order to learn and experience the natural beauty and architecture. One of these tours is called “Contemporary Art Summer Resort” that looks into the contemporary art history of the town, including the Can Gari house and gardens, designed by Josep Puig I Cadafalch, and known as the modernist jewel of Maresme, whilst another tour looks at the most famous fountains in the area.

A full of life neighbourhood

Additionally, the gorgeous, temperate climate in this area makes it a great place in which to spend large periods of time, or even the whole year. Many people from Catalonia as well as from the rest of the world are buying properties in this region as they want to be close to Barcelona and have a good quality of living. As such, there are also many facilities and services in this neighbourhood, such as shopping centres, restaurants, boutiques and taverns, as well as golf courses, pitch&putt, many sports clubs with tennis and padel tennis courts, swimming pools and equestrian centres. Furthermore, only 3 km away are some of the finest beaches in Maresme, along with the marinas of Mataró, El Balís de Sant Andreu de Llavaneras. There are also many excellent private, public and international schools in the regions, such as in Alella and SEK in Garriga which is 25 minutes away.

The town of Argentona is also well-connected through its various highways, as well as public modes of transport such as buses going towards Mataró and Granollers, and trains towards downtown Barcelona and Girona. Lastly, one can easily travel to the international airports of El Prat and Girona Costa Brava via the A-19.

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