Current trend: The Japanese Interior Design

Danshari is known as the japanese thinking referring to a simple life by which disarray is put apart, emotionally but also materialist.

Japanese Interior Design is a current trend due to the fact that it’s modifying and revolving households globally. Its unmistakable respect for nature or its exquisite taste for minimalism make japanese interior design worthy to imitate.

Currently, we live in a society that has adopted a chaotic and stressful form of life, where we end up tired and we crave for tranquility, and simplicity.
Our desire is to find a private place, serene and in order for us to claim to evade us at the end of a tough day. Due to this, japanese interior design transmits five main principles:

Kanketsu or “simplicity” indicates the good process of design in order to create simple products leaving apart elements indiscreet and loaded.

Iki is the term referred to elegance and exquisite, yet without the necessity to stand out.

Mono no aware or “empathy towards things” is determined for visualizing an object and feeling sensibility or any kind of emotion towards it.

Wabi-sabi or “the beauty of imperfection” refers to the ephemeral concept of the attrition of things by which produces harmony and melancholy. Wabi-sabi is reflected in the use of nature in the industrial japanese design, such as wood, and soft and organic shapes.

Ma or “the void”. It is the space that provides the air and the weight of the things. The surplus space is filled up with the saying of “less is more”. That void is known as “Ma”.

Danshari art isn’t determined as much as for its aesthetic but more about its spirituality.

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